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This is what our kids look like now.  Don’t they grow fast?

So yes, things have been quiet around here.  So much so that my dear husband remarked the other day that it has been a LONG time since I blogged.  And he went on urging and urging me to keep blogging, saying what a pity it was that I stopped, since he keeps sending people to the blog.  🙂

Well … yes it HAS been a long time since I posted anything to this blog, but unbeknownst to him, the kids and I have been busy and have posted 240 blog posts in the last five and a half months!  That’s at the rate of 1.4 posts per day.  Where? you ask?  Here!

Before you click over to that site, tarry awhile and let me explain what this is all about.


You see … we had some discussions at the end of Alethea’s Grade 6 year about possibly sending her to school.  But in the end it was decided that she would stay home for another year.  I wanted to make the year count.  I wanted her to do something that would be significant, something she could look back on with pride, but also something that would be a blessing to our community.  And oh, by the way, also something that would be in line with her passion and her gifting.  Easy-peasy right?  🙂


I prayed, I thought, I prayed some more, and the idea came to me that she should start a blog for book and curriculum reviews.  I sold it to her.  🙂  Back when we owned and operated our home-based online independent bookshop, The Home Library, people used to come to us for advice on what books to read, what resources to buy.  Since closing the store and moving to Montreal, we have lost many opportunities to be a sounding board for fellow homeschoolers and parents.  But thanks to the internet, we now have the privilege to provide “online support”!


Our aim is to eventually catalogue and review EVERY SINGLE BOOK we own.  Right now I estimate that we have close to 3000 books.  And guess what?  In under half a year, we have reviewed 500 of them already!  That’s right … FIVE HUNDRED BOOKS and HOMESCHOOL RESOURCES!  We set ourselves that target before we would launch the site, because we wanted it to be a searchable resource with (hopefully) something for everyone.  In the scramble to write up that many book reviews, ALL the children have chipped in with their reviews.

So now, if you go over to, you will be able to search by author, title, ISBN, category and key word, for recommendations of books to read or for reviews of books and homeschool resources you might be looking to acquire for your own home library.

We are going to take a short break as we start the new school year next week (and yes, we are still homeschooling all our kids), but then we are committing to post at least two reviews per week after that.

OH!  So why didn’t Tee Chiou think I was blogging?  Well, we kept this entire project a secret from him.  So now …


Now we can stop scrambling to put books away and close web pages when we hear you coming home! *grin*

And we hope to see you all over at  Don’t forget to sign up to receive our new posts!


  1. lol, naughty girl angie! and wow wow wow, i am liking the idea of a review book blog!

    • Barb? Naughty? Me? 🙂 Hope to see you over at the new blog! *hugs*

  2. God is amazing to bless you with such a a great idea to work on! PTL! Am so privileged to have your updates! I was seriously wondering if you were still writing your blog. lol. Great job Alethea!

  3. How lovely to hear from you Angie! This is great news!

  4. So glad you have returned to writing. Good idea on the book reviews. My family has benefited from your previous posts and bought so many books that you have recommended on the web store. So please keep it going!

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