Posted by: angiefm | February 26, 2012

It all started with Lemonade …

So, early this month, Daniel had to go for dental surgery which made him kinda miserable for days after and we were giving in to his requests for things just to make the days pass easier.  One evening, he goes to the supermarket and bugs Daddy for lemonade.  Daddy buys it, we all drink it quite happily (we love lemonade), then Mummy here decides to check out the ingredients.

I did a double (triple??) take.  Canola OIL?  Brominated soya OIL?  What’s BROMINATED anyway?  Needless to say, after I read the list to the kids, I had to finish the rest of the lemonade myself.  No one would join me!

We all had to wonder … what’s in all that packaged food we eat!  We got talking, and talking, and talking and we’ve all talked ourselves into going one whole week without eating ANY processed food.  That week starts tomorrow!


So what constitutes processed anyway?  We don’t have a good definition of it yet since we are at the start of this new food journey (those who have been around a while may remember our earlier food journey with going vegetarian for a week).

Obviously “processed food” is a concept on a continuum.  We aren’t farmers, so even the raw food we buy has been “processed” in some way.  But as we talk about it, here’s how we are starting to categorise things.  I’m sure it will become clearer as the week plays out:

Unprocessed – fresh fruits, vegetables, raw meats, milk, eggs, raw nuts,

Processed – store-bought cookies, biscuits, jams, boxed mac & cheese, bottled sauces, 3-in-one coffee *wail*

In-between (stuff we can possibly make but will probably buy) – pasta, noodles, flours, butter

And this last list is of processed things we still want to eat and can’t make ourselves – soya sauce, white rice, sugar …


So I’ve been spending HOURS studying cookbooks and surfing the web to get geared up for this next food adventure and guess what I found?  Yup, there is nothing new under the sun!  And also that we are really slow learners in this area.  Ha ha.  🙂

Best blog I’ve found on cutting out processed food is  Parents, two girls, who have been doing this and blogging about it since 2010.  If you have an hour (or ten), and are interested, you may want to head over to that blog and I’ll guarantee you an educational and convicting time indeed!  And if you want to join her and thousands of others, there is a 10 day pledge you can sign up for on her site.


So we start Monday!  Wish us luck!


  1. Good luck to you all and cheers to a healthier lifestyle!

  2. Enjoy your journey! Swap white for brown (sugar n rice) if you want to go further! Btw, have you seen the GMO avocado which is supposed to be low in fats or calories but looks absolutely grotesque!

  3. Next step… go raw!!! Way to go Angie! I salute you for making the effort to improve your lifestyles. For us, going vegetarian (and not even non-diary) one meal a week is already a challenge but doable. Can’t imagine cutting out processed foods though.

  4. Hi Angie,
    Yikes! That lemonade does not sound like lemonade at all =)
    Check out
    It has a lot on natural foods too which is what we try to do in our cooking. And she has a fantastic book that helps you go “natural”. We buy whole-grain everything. Hardest part is in the snacking cos that’s a favorite past time =)

  5. Haha Angie, I read the recent news article on “pink slime” in hamburger meat and my 7 yr old almost puke. But yes! Exactly what do they put into all our food!!? No wonder kids are coming down with strange allergies and eczema in record numbers!

  6. […] it!  And in the current context, this means two things … we made it through our week-long experiement with unprocessed food, and we did it by making it all […]

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