Posted by: angiefm | February 16, 2012

World Map

World Map Room

No, my house doesn’t look like that.  I wish!

A super quick post to share something I am totally excited about!  FINALLY!  We have a map on the wall!  (I know … I have no life …)

We bought a laminated one a LONG time ago from Popular Bookshop in Singapore.  Loved it because it is an Asia-centric map so Singapore is right in the middle!  LOL!  But it was impossible to put on the wall because it kept curling and falling off.  We finally stuck it on with too much Velcro, but when we moved to a rented apartment, we couldn’t risk ruining the paint on the wall so didn’t put it up.

Anyway, when we got here, same problem.  Rented house.  Also the map was a bit too big to go up on any of the available walls.  Last week, we went to an craft supplies store here, Omer DeSerres, and found a map by Wall Pops which sticks on the wall without the use of adhesive!  It is made of vinyl and comes with a dry erase pen, and you can remove and reposition it quite effortlessly.  Trust me.  🙂  Been there, done that.

So if you’re looking for a wall map, look no further!  Check out NOW!  (Sound like an advertiser to you?)  The store has some other really fabulous wall decor products.  But I digress …

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