Posted by: angiefm | March 21, 2011

Home Educator’s Tutor

Wanted to quickly, as in QUICKLY share this great deal from

This is an amazing series of books (I own only one and have gone back to it several times) which will enhance your homeschool efforts if you have a Charlotte Mason or Classical Education bent.  There is a 100 page sampler and lots of information about it on the website so I won’t repeat it here.  Suffice it to say that when I put together my volume A Month with Charlotte Mason, I borrowed the idea from this publication!

I only bought one back then because it was expensive and I had to pay ridiculous shipping costs.  Then they went out of business, were bought over, and someone else tried, and again failed to keep the books in print.  But now they are in E-book format, and these guys have thrown in a whole lot of freebies to boot!

And now they are selling the CD at an introductory price of USD 27 plus shipping, a 40 dollar discount off their intended selling price come 1 May. 

But there’s more!  (I could write cheap marketing material eh?)

If you have a US address to send this to (they won’t ship this freebie to international), they will throw in a copy of one of the original printed books WITH the original CD!  I just ordered one and had it sent to my cousin in Seattle (Hi Ling!  *wave*).  Am asking her to keep the book, but send me the CD.  Too good a deal to pass up on, that FREE book!  🙂

So wanted all of you to learn about it too.  Go check out the samples.  If nothing else, that will give you some material to use in your school right away!  I loved the Rules of Civility in the sample and am printing it out for Tim’s copywork.  🙂  Also loved the Articulation selections and did some myself!



  1. YAY! (Happy Dance ensues) I get a free book just for being a cousin who lives in the US! Thanks, my favorite skate boarding master! 😀

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