Posted by: angiefm | March 9, 2011

Copywork … Again

I know … I know … It’s been AGES since I posted!  And I hope I can be excused because there is just so much going on in our lives now.  I mean we just have to have time to go out and ski right?  *grin*  Which we have done.  Twice.  I have had a blog post in draft for the longest time, just waiting for me to find the right photos to put in.  But with my best friend visiting for three glorious weeks, searching for photos will have to wait.

In the meantime, here is something I have promised a variety of people over the past few months.  *shame*  The next installment of copywork for lower Primary School aged chidren.  I have used this selection for my kids when they were in P2.  But there is no reason you cannot use it for children a year older or younger.  You are the best judge for what your children can handle.  I will not repeat what I wrote earlier about copywork, but if you are new to it, you can read my previous posts here and here.

There are 80 copywork selections in this file, or 20 weeks’ worth if you do 4 per week which we used to do since we typically spent one day a week out on field trips.  Unlike the previous file, I did not put lines into this one because handwriting at this stage really varies from child to child.  So for one child I bought printed books from Popular bookshop.  They had light green covers and lines the perfect width for that child.  But the next child I had to print my own sheets because his handwriting was really HUGE!  Some children at this age can write neatly without lines to guide them.  They should just write in a simple lined notebook.  It really is up to you.

I hope this helps some of you out there.  I’m sorry I didn’t get it posted sooner.  I realise we are already in MARCH!


  1. hi angie,
    hope you are doing well in Montreal.

    May i trouble you to give me the contact number of the piano teacher?

    thanks and god bless!

  2. Hi, Angie.

    Thank you for sharing this. I am inspired! Homeschooling is slowly forming a clear shape in my mind now. I was previously very worried I wouldn’t know what to do. I thank God for you. 😉


  3. Hi Angie,
    Hope all’s well in Montreal.
    This is great- it’s so generous of you to share it. Thanks!

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