Posted by: angiefm | November 29, 2010

Montreal … HERE WE COME!

Yup!  The Ng family is relocating to Montreal, Canada in January 2011!  Tee Chiou has been posted there to work at the International Civil Aviation Organisation.  We should be there for 3 years.

Tee Chiou and I just came home from a house-hunting/orientation trip.  (Yes, thank God we found what we were looking for!)  We spent two and a half weeks away from our three older ones.  Only Daniel got to go because it was just too expensive to take everyone.  Being away from the three was TOUGH!  I have never done it before and probably will not do it again in the forseeable future.  🙂

Snow at last just when we were waiting to take a cab to the airport. 
There’ll be LOADS of it when we get there in January!

There is lots to do in the upcoming weeks.  We have just under six weeks in Singapore and have only just started to get things in order.  And there are A LOT of things.  🙂  Including many farewell get-togethers!  *sob*

I have a favour to ask of you all.  If you know of anyone who wants to rent our 3 bedroom condominium apartment on Jalan Loyang Besar in Pasir Ris, can you please have them email me at  The apartment will be available from 15th Jan 2011.

It is a brand new apartment which has just been renovated to the tune of 120k in May this year.  We thought we would be here for a LONG time so spared no expense in doing it up – an open plan Hoffen kitchen with $13,000 worth of kitchen appliances, custom-made Hoffen wardrobes, pricey curtains, built in double-volume bookshelves with four concealed workstations, custom made 9 metre wide platform bed in the children’s room, a Sony home entertainment system with built-in surround sound speakers in the master bedroom, invisible grilles in all the rooms, ceiling fans, a Blum-equipped pantry, Song Cho stainless steel fittings in the yard and bathrooms, built-in storage galore in every possible corner, … I could go on.  😛

So if you know anyone looking to rent an apartment, please let me know at  Thanks in advance!

More on the continuing adventures of the Ng Family in upcoming posts!  🙂


  1. Hi Angie…………congrats on our move. Hope you and your family settle in comfortably. Yup……we too got back after our orientation trip last week. like what u say……a big sigh of relief for having sorted out school and house. v r moving out on 26th Jan. If ever you plan a trip to Auckland, do keep us in mind. It will great to meet you all. Good luck and May God be with you through all your adventures!!!!!

  2. Hi Angie

    I am a silent reader of your blog and a customer of your Home Library. Thanks so much for the resources you have given us. Congrats on your move to Montreal & please continue to write!

    Actually I am interested in getting a Thermomix…but it seems like quite an old topic…

    I am wondering from whom should I get it since you are not going to be in Singapore now 😦


  3. Heya, sad and glad to hear you’re moving. It’d be a lovely experience for all your kids! Glad you found a place. 🙂

  4. Hey Angie, we will miss you. It’s so good to know that there is a home library near where I stay where there is always good books n gadgets available! O yes, is there another Singapore rep taking over u for the thermomix in case I m getting one? Still dreamin of it :p Also John n I did toy over the idea of renting ur place since we visited so tat we can get nearer to the beach, haha… Will let u know IF we do get serious :p

  5. Hi Angie,
    Wishing you and your family all the best in your move. It is going to be such an exciting journey for all of you. What will you do, will you continue to home school? The options are going to be so wide, it will be like being in a candy store! BTW, you are not very far from me, you are always welcome to visit me in DC!

  6. How exciting for the family! And yes, you’ll probably be arriving to loads of snow! I still remember coming to Toronto over 20 years ago first week of January. The snow piles were high. But then again, that was long ago. It’s not as snowy and cold these years…and now that I’ve said that, we’ll probably have tons of snow this year. 🙂 Oh well. At least my children will enjoy it.

    You must come visit Toronto. 🙂

  7. All the best Angie! And keep in touch with us here in Singapore via your blog.

  8. Hi! Deleted your email by mistake, hence have to post a reply here.

    All the best! We’ll miss u!

  9. Gonna miss you and your family loads!!! Although we haven’t had the opportunity to get together much, following your blog has been such a great way to keep in touch with what you’ve been up to, and more importantly, such a wonderful source of inspiration and motivation to keep homeschooling. Thank you for all your advice and recommendations, many of which I’ve adopted 🙂 Keep them coming! Look forward to hearing how you are all doing way over the other side of the world. Hugs. Daph.

  10. It will be a whole new experience for the kids . It will be a three years lesson on nature for them. So envy ! Take care and remember to blog ! – Kim Heok

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