Posted by: angiefm | September 25, 2010

Me & My ULTIMATE Gadget – The Thermomix

This is it!  The post you have ALL (yes, all three of you) been waiting for!  My rave review about the Thermomix.

What is the THERMOMIX

It is advertised to be the world’s most advanced kitchen appliance and I couldn’t agree more.  It chops, beats, mixes, whips, grinds, kneads, minces, grates, juices, blends, heats, stirs, steams and weighs food.  Apart from deep-frying and baking, there is little else that the machine can’t do.  Since we bought the Thermomix, I have given away our super Kenwood mixer, rice cooker and ice cream maker, and I no longer use my kitchen scale.  I no longer have to chop garlic (though I still do it sometimes because I find it very therapeutic.  :)), and I hardly use pots on the stove to steam our food.

How I Came To Own It

Back in February, a friend forwarded me an email she read on a forum from a full-time working mom with 5 children who lives in a 3-storey house and manages sans maid.  Here in Singapore!  In the email she shares how she manages various household tasks, but the one thing that intrigued me was her mention of a gadget called the Thermomix.  I started looking it up online, watched a bunch of videos on youtube and other websites, read reviews then after consulting with (read: begging) TC, we decided to go for it!  There was a bit of urgency also, since Thermomix’s closest distributor is in Malaysia and TC was going to KL the next week and we decided it would be easiest and cheapest if he carried it back instead of having them send it here.

About a month ago, I became a Thermomix representative with the Malaysian distributor.  I’m almost embarrassed to say it.  😛  But I did it so that I could help some fellow homeschool moms buy it.  In the last two weeks, I have sold 4 machines without even trying, because the Thermomix really sells itself.  But er … that’s not why I’m blogging about it.  🙂

The Price

The one thing I took a while to find out while I was surfing the web, was the price.  And since it is the first thing people tend to ask, I thought I should tell you right off the bat.  🙂  The Thermomix costs RM 4898.  That’s Malaysian Ringgit.  If you pick it up practically anywhere in Malaysia (we had ours sent to the hotel TC was staying in), that’s what it will cost you.  If you have it sent to your home in Singapore, it will cost RM 5465.  The additional costs are to pay for courier charges and GST.  In Singapore Dollars at current money-changer exchange rates, that would be S$2130 if collected in Malaysia and S$2376 if sent to your home in Singapore. 

If you have gotten over the shocker of a price tag, read on for the five reasons why I think it’s worth every dollar, and then some.  😀

5 Reasons We Love the Thermomix

(I started out wanting to go to 10 reasons, but it was looking like I would never get this post published!  So 5 now, and maybe more later.  :))

1. ANYONE can cook! 

Cooking is literally child’s play with the Thermomix.  This must be the best part of owning a Thermomix.  My kids can cook!  My HUSBAND can cook!  TC cooked his first meal EVER in the Thermomix right after we brought it home – rice, stir-fried vegetables and stir-fried ginger chicken!  YUM!  And he went on to make man tou (steamed bread), kaya, and the biggest Thermomix project ever … REMPAH!  (Chilli paste.)

Even little Nathalie makes fabulous mashed potatoes, (I peeled and cut the potatoes for her but she did the rest) and potato and leek soup. 

Alethea has cooked tuna pasta, pei dan chok (century egg porridge), made banana, pecan and date bread (you make the dough in the Thermomix, then pour it out into a loaf pan to bake in the oven), a variety of soups, lemonade, ice cream and many other dishes.  Last night, she made cauliflower soup for dinner without any assistance!

It’s child’s play because the recipes are so easy to follow, everything is weighed directly into the machine (there is a built-in scale), the ingredients are very simple to prepare because the machine does most of the processing.  For example, you don’t have to pre chop garlic and onions because the machine does it for you. There are three essential parts to each step – temperature, time and speed.  And the cookbook tells you exactly what to choose.  When the machine beeps to signal the end of the time, you simply move on to the next step.  So all you’re really doing is pressing buttons!

2. Saves money

We use to buy grated Parmesean cheese (which is more expensive and doesn’t taste as nice), but now with the Thermomix, we buying the cheese in wedges, because all you need to do is break it into pieces, throw it in, pulverise it for 3 or 4 seconds and you’ll have perfectly grated cheese!  Also I used to buy icing sugar for the occasional recipe which calls for it.  Now I put in castor sugar, pulverise and out comes icing sugar.  No waste.  I have also started making our own mayonnaise and it is amazingly cheap to do.  The main ingredients are sunflower oil, an egg, vinegar and mustard.  I used to buy chicken stock in cubes and in liquid form but I have recently made my own vegetable and meat stock concentrates and no longer need those.  Best of all, I know exactly what went into the stock concentrates I made so I know what’s seasoning my food!

We make lemonade, smoothies from frozen bananas we couldn’t finish, pancake mix, pizza dough, ice cream … the list goes on!  And because it is so very easy, I now make my own bread once a week. 

That said, I have had many a skeptic tell me that 2000 dollars can buy a lot of lemonade.  🙂  I have no convincing response to that.

3. Turns you into a professional cook, thanks to idiot-proof recipes!

The method for cooking stir-fried chicken with ginger reads like this …

  • Marinate chicken with seasoning, set aside. 
  • Place garlic and ginger into TM bowl to chop.  6 seconds, speed 6
  • Add oil to saute until fragrant.  3 mins, 100˚C, speed 1
  • Add the seasoned drumsticks to cook.  Add Chinese wine and thicken with corn flour and water in the last 30 seconds.  17 mins, 100˚C, speed reverse soft

Easy peasy!  And you get perfect results each time, no matter who’s cooking.

4. No mess cooking, and cleaning

With the Thermomix, everything is contained within the pot.  You even measure ingredients right into the pot with the help of the built-in scale.  So there is very little mess (unless of course you tend to spill while pouring, in which case I really can’t help you.  :D).  You don’t have to use a variety of bowls or plates or measuring cups and spoons to measure or hold pre-weighed ingredients, so there’s less to wash.  Whether you’re frying, or boiling or steaming, everything stays within the pot and it never boils over because of precise temperature control.  Your countertop stays clean!  No oil splatters!

Even better, the pot practically cleans itself!  After cooking, just put half a litre of water in, together with some detergent if it’s oily, turn on the machine to speed 6 for 30 seconds, empty it, and all that’s required is a quick rinse.  If you have to take the machine apart to wash, there are very few parts involved.  Cover, pot, blade and base.  And everything is dishwasher friendly, so if I have space in the dishwasher at the end of the day, I simply throw it in.  The only times I have to take it apart are after I cook porridge and make bread dough, because some of it invariably gets stuck under the blade.  But otherwise, the quick rinse is all that’s needed.

5. Expand your repertoire with just one machine!

Because the recipes are just too easy to follow, I find myself making loads of things I wouldn’t otherwise have tried.  Sorbet, mayonnaise, vegetable stock concentrate, kaya, rempah (chilli paste), sambal belachan (more chilli), pizza dough (used to buy ready-made bases but not anymore), cream of mushroom soup, bread, etc.  The Thermomix has a huge following, so there are many recipe sites online, like, so you’ll never run out of things to try.

The Thermomix is a multi-functional machine, so you don’t have to take out a lot of different gadgets to cook.  For example when Alethea made cauliflower soup last night, she weighed in the cauliflower florets, poured 300 grams of water in without needing to use a measuring cup, measured oil and butter in using the scale, then when it was cooked, she simply turned up the speed to blend it into right consistency.  When we used to make it previously, we would cook it on the stove-top, stirring occasionally to prevent it from sticking to the bottom and burning, ladle it carefully into the blender (which we had to take off the storeroom shelf and out of the box), blend it (with care because you have to hold the top of the blender down to avoid splatters), pour it back into the pot before re-heating and adding cream.  Now cauliflower soup takes us 20 mins to make and almost all that time it is unattended!

So there you have it.  My RAVE review of the Thermomix.  🙂  Happy Cooking!


  1. Thank you for such a lovely and thorough account of how your family benefits from using Thermomix. I look forward to reading more from you about this super kitchen machine! Glad to hear about your success as a new consultant too. How exciting! 🙂

    • Hi there Helene. WOW! It is certainly an honour to receive a comment from you on my blog post! And DOUBLE WOW to find it posted on your website! 🙂 Thanks so much. I was wondering if you could add “Singapore” to your link, reading “Thermomix Price in Singapore and Malaysia”. That would really help.

      Since buying the machine more than half a year ago, I have been telling everyone I know about it, and really wanted to do what you’re doing … offering tips and recipes and reviews without having to actually sell it. Somehow when you’re selling it, it distracts from the fact that it is truly a great machine. But there are only a literal handful (if at all) of representatives in Singapore, so it was difficult for people who were interested to buy it to get their hands on one. So I decided to be their go between.

      Great job on your site! I have visited it many times, so I was completely WOW-ED to have you visit mine! 🙂

  2. Oh my. I wish I didn’t see this 🙂

    Sounds like a great little gadget. But are you able to cook big quantities? The pot looks too tiny to feed my always-ravenous brood!

    • Ah … and it’s available in Canada also! *grin* You should have someone do a demo for you!

      The pot has a 2 litre capacity. It should be sufficient to feed your family … for now. 🙂 A full pot of porridge is just right for us, with one bowl left over. Or if you are cooking say two dishes and rice, it will certainly be enough. I managed to cook Chicken Curry with a WHOLE CHICKEN and 3 potatoes. It was a bit cramped and I will probably leave out the more boney pieces next time, or do the potatoes separately and toss in at the end, but it did all fit. Bread dough – enough for 2 loaves which feeds us over 2 or 3 breakfasts. Pizza dough recipe yields two large pizza bases which is too much for us to finish in one meal. Rice – you can cook about 3 to 3 and a half rice cups. We usually do 2 to 2.5 cups for dinner. And while you’re cooking rice, you can be steaming something on the top.

      Tempting? 😀

  3. Oh get thee behind me!!! 😛 So how much are you selling it for?!

    • Eh, Aunty Serene. You never read properly ah! Ha ha. Price in RM is 4898. The last machine I brought in cost 2146 Sing because I had to TT the money into a Malaysian bank account and that cost me some extras because of exchange rates and fees.

  4. yes…yes…yes…I have been waiting for this…
    thank you for the review.

  5. You tempter, you!! Since reading your post I have been spending the past hour googling Thermomix. Haha, more specifically I am googling Thermomix and kaya… if it helps me avoid standing in front of the stove stirring away for an hour or more, it’s worth it!

    • Read the kaya recipe here: NO stirring, NO minding, PERFECT temperature control so NO curdling! 😀

      Further tempted? *grin* But like the sceptics say … you can buy a lot of kaya with 2000 dollars. 🙂

    • Available now in Hong Kong too! I love it …. nothing better than home made….

  6. Angie, does it replace a frying pan or wok?

    • It stir fries, like diced chicken or sliced pork, no problem. It doesn’t deep fry though. You can’t brown garlic, for example, which is bad if you want your garlic brown, but good if you keep burning things. Ha ha ha.

  7. Wah, I’m so tempted! I think when I’m sans helper, will need your help to convince Mr Lim 😛

    • WHEN you are sans helper or IF? *grin* Let me know when to start talk to Mr Lim!

  8. And also can it serve like a slow cooker to cook porridge for Titus?

    • Er … never tried to do that, but I would think it could. I would just cook at 100 degrees, then puree it in the machine.

  9. Oh so tempting!!! With 2 kids and a baby, I would really love to have this! Have been so tired with trying to cook everyday and here in Belgium it’s not so easy to ta-bao, and the Chinese take-away here is not only expensive but tastes all the same. Price is a bit eh… lol… I can keep thinking about it though.

    • Oh, once you get over the price, you’ll realise how wonderful it is to have this machine especially if you have a baby! When cooking with the Thermomix you don’t have to hover over the stove. You can walk away and stay away and not have your food burn because the machine just keeps going on its own! When it’s done and it beeps, you’ll just have to go over to turn it off, but if you’re occupied (which happens a lot when you have a baby in the house), then it will turn off the heat and just go on stirring so nothing happens to your food. It has really been a lifesaver for me!

  10. Thanks Angie. Sorry another question, you say it juices n you can make lemonade. What about juicing other fruits? Haha… I am thinking if I can get rid of the frying pan, slow cooker and my philips fruit juicer, the one which can juice one entire apple at one time, if I own the thermomix

    • Hi there Mandy. Keep asking! 🙂 The machine blends but doesn’t juice. You can technically strain the juice from the pulp but I think it isn’t the same. You’ll lose a lot of juice in the process. So I still have my super Alpha juicer. That’s for another post. Ha ha ha.

  11. i do my kaya in my slow cooker, and blend after the kaya is done.

  12. Hi Angie,

    Very tempting! I realized the recipes the comes of the Thermomix are very specific to the machine. If I have my own recipes, is there any way to ‘convert’ them to be used on Thermomix?

    I would like a demo, if you can arrange for one, let me know. 🙂


    • Yes, VERY easy to convert recipes. Once you do a few stir fries, they all work the same way. Same thing with soups, or steaming, or blending, or kneading dough. Very easy. 🙂 Also the online community which shares recipes is huge, so you’ll find tons of new recipes with a quick search! Will contact you about a demo. 🙂

  13. Thanks Angie. Good to know recipes can easily be converted.

    Looking forward to the demo, need to convince the man of the house. 🙂

  14. Lemme know if there is a demo too. Wow there’re ads by google on ur site! Din see it there before.

    • Google ads? WHERE?

  15. Ah ya! If I had known about this BEFORE I bought the Blendtec… sigh.. I supposed it CAN do all that… like blend ice? If so, I MIGHT just get it after all.. my dad wants the blendtec but isn’t willing to spend to get it *grin*

    A quick question.. what is the pot made of? Hope its nothing toxic like a non stick teflon kind of surface…

    • Hey there. Yes it can do all that and more! *grin* The pot is made of stainless steel. Surgical steel apparently, but I have no idea what that means. Ha ha. All I know is that it is SUPER easy to clean. So must be made of pretty good stuff!

  16. Hi Angie,

    In cooking a meal, I’m wondering how much time it saves in terms of cooking time with the Thermomix, with just one appliance working, as compared to say, the rice cooker and steamer running concurrently with a pot of soup boiling and vegetables frying in the pan on the stove. (Even as I am typing this, I can visualise the amount of washing I have to do with all these pots and pans.)

    Essentially, I’m asking the Thermomix’s ability in multi-tasking. Will I be able to cook the rice, while steaming a fish / some tofu and at the same time stir frying some vegetables?

    Also, I fry a lot of beansprouts with `taugua’. Is the stir frying function suitable for softer ingredients?

    A demo will be GREAT!

    Thanks again for introducing another gadget!

    • There are different ways to save time with the Thermomix. For me the biggest benefit is that it cooks unattended so I can tend to the kids and other things. I can fold laundry while dinner is cooking. How cool is that right? 🙂 It also saves time processing ingredients. On Monday I made a lasagne for lunch. Usually a weekend dish, but now totally doable for a weekday lunch because the Thermomix makes the cream sauce unattended in 12 mins (no burning, no sticking to bottom of pot!) and it cooks the bolognaise in about half an hour. About the bolognaise, I put in a quartered onion, 4 cloves of garlic, a carrot chopped in 5, 2 celery sticks chopped in 2 and 1 zucchini chopped in 4 and in 5 seconds (no kidding!) the Thermomix processed the lot so that it was wonderfully chopped up and ready to sauté.

      About multi-tasking, I typically cook rice and steam a dish at the same time – usually fish. The steamer has two levels, though the upper one can’t take a bowl, but you can steam vegetables on that one. So if I cook broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, then I pre-cook them in the steamer so that when I stir fry, it cooks faster. Then when that’s done in 15 mins , I throw in garlic and vegetables and it stir fries it all in 5 to 7 mins depending on the vegetables. We do French beans a lot because that’s my favourite vegetable. Ha ha. Over the stove it takes forever to get to the right soft consistency I like, but in the Thermomix, it takes 10 mins and all unattended, without any need to add water.

      Yes, it can stir soft ingredients. When the blade moves in reverse and at the lowest speed, it can do broccoli and cauliflower without breaking up the florets.

      I hope that helps!

      I don’t like to do those formal demos they normally do. Like classroom style. But if any of you are keen on seeing the machine in action, come over for a meal and I’ll get my kids to show you how! *grin*

  17. O the ads are not there anymore. It was about some cookware. I thought my iPhone was playing tricks on me.

    Ok when the time is right, I will like to drop by n see. Must be very convinced n convicted before the investment n before I can convince my hub 🙂 Haha

  18. I think I’d need to have 2 of these machines to feed my brood! You’ll have to excuse our barbaric ways – a whole chicken barely fills them as it is. As for rice, we’re averaging about 4 cups now – and the cold weather hasn’t even set in! If my grandma was alive, she’d call my kids rice garbage cans (or whatever that expression in hokkien is!)

    Well, back to the traditional ways of cooking for me! At least I can put this out of my mind…for now. 🙂 But it sure looks like a nifty gadget.

  19. I had to laugh when I mosied over and saw your latest blog! 🙂 “Finally!” I exclaimed. Sk turned around and asked what I was laughing about, heard me say, “Angie’s blog”, saw the pic of the TM and rolled his eyes. Friends in church ask him every now and then if his wife has finally bought that snazzy “cooking thing” :). Let me know when you next bring some in…

  20. Hi Angie,

    I love reading you blog (even though I do try and resist the gadgets!) I’ve got an award for you over on my blog.

    Thanks for sharing your journey!

    • Wow! Thanks! 🙂 I cannot give awards because I don’t read many blogs! *grin* Though I do go to yours when you alert the homeschool group about something exciting! Your curriculum reviews are WONDERFUL! Keep up the great work!

  21. The Thermomix is awesome ! My kids (8 & 10) love it and they are so eager to help with the cooking ! We’ve made lemonade (twice), vegetable soup concentrate, sambal chilli, dinner (rice, broccoli with carrots & prawns, sambal cuttlefish) – and this is our first day of having the wonderful tool. Thanks Angie !!!!

  22. Hi Angie,
    If i have to buy one from you, how much will it cost me and how long will it take for delivery?

  23. Dear Angie

    Ask a few of my friends to go to your blog and they find very interesting.

    One of my friend whom I try to convince for sometime refuse to listen till she read your blog.

    Thank you for willingness to share. 🙂

    • I can be convincing when I’m convinced myself. 😀

  24. Great description and blog post on the Thermomix. Love mine too.

    To those worried about the money – this is how I got around it, I started thinking about how much I would spend on other kitchen appliances – oven, hob, dishwasher etc. and then it didn’t seem so expensive, esp as I use it 1-6 times a day compared with say once a week for the hob (gas rings/cook top).
    (And yes I do use it that often, I’ve been blogging how I use it).

    • WOW! I loved your blogsite, Zan! Thanks for posting on mine so I could find yours! Yes, I use the Thermomix to much it’s insane! Ha ha. This evening, we were supposed to go to the beach to meet a family who takes their dog out there to play ball. They said 5 pm, but we only got back 5 mins before that. Still, I cooked rice to eat with some store bought meat (15 mins), threw it into a container, rinsed and cooled the Thermomix (2 mins), made lemonade (2 mins total including pouring it into a jug to take with us), and dashed out of the house and made it to the beach by 5.30! Of course it took us 15 mins to find them, but that’s another story. 😀

      • Glad you liked my blog, it was the sort of thing I was looking for when I was thinking about buying the TMX as I wanted to know what people really used it for, not just lots of lovely recipes I might not cook.

        Well done on your beach preparations – with 5 mins to spare I think I would have just grabbed a water bottle, and announced how exhausted I was, lol.

  25. hai..sori akak tulis dalam bahasa melayu. dah puas survey nak tau harga, akhirnya jumpa. thnx 4 d info

  26. Hi, im roxana, since you are the rep in singapore, how can i contact u so that i can take a look at the machine?

  27. Hi! I’m interested in getting the Thermomix. Please contact me at my email. Thanks!

  28. Hello, please could you tell me how much the Thermomix is now (Jan 2011)? Many thanks.

  29. ps… for purchase in Singapore. Thanks.


    • Hi Robyn. You can contact Jenny at for more information. I know there is going to be a price increase come March 2011. But for now it should still be 4898 MYR if you buy it in Malaysia, and tax and transport added if you buy it here.

  30. Are you still an Agent? would you come and give a demonstration to my wife? We are Singapore based (Near Newton)

    • Hi there! Technically I still am, but am now in Montreal! 🙂 You can contact Jenny at for a demo and to purchase. Enjoy! It’s a WONDERFUL machine! I’m so missing mine right now. Still taking the slow boat to Canada.

  31. Thank you. I’ll email Jenny

  32. Hi Angie, just had a demo in Oz. Wow, the machine is awesome! Thanks for blogging on this n making us aware! Btw, to comments tht 2000 will buy lots of lemonade, u can always say tht u don’t know what goes into those lemonade tht u buy!

    • Yeah! Wonderful machine eh? Even as we speak I’m cooking chicken stock with bones from our store-bought roast chicken and steaming left over rice and food up for lunch. After this using the chicken stock to make cauliflower soup! Yums!

      • Dear Angie

        How is Montreal now. Hope you are more settled now. Yes about Thermomix in Singapore . I wonder whether you can pass all your customers to Jenny to follow up cos she is now very good with her demostration skill.

        Recently Po Ting email and I already pass the contact to Jenny.


        sew chin

  33. Hi, I am from Malaysia and I just bought the Thermomix 3 days ago and I have cooked twice. Your blog is very informative and interesting. Please do keep me update about Thermomix as I am new and I like to learn more. Thanks for every thing. God bless you heaps!

    • Hi Hannah,

      How’s the Thermomix treating you?
      I’ve been hearing the ads on radio for ages, and only just started reading up about it online.
      Am thinking of getting one here in MY.

      • Hi have you got your TM if yes welcome to the group if not then see another demo to be more convinced. Email me I am base in PJ , Malaysia. Tks

  34. Hi! That’s a really interesting machine but unfortunately so expensive. In Singapore it’s sold at TOTT (Sime Darby Center) in Bukit Timah.

    • Hi Lara
      I have a few advisors in Singapore that can do demo , you must look at the demo. Thermomix is a product that seeing is believing. Thermomix must come into your house only you will appreciate it. Is a product that every household in Singapore must have it. Please email me at if you need to see a demo. Our demo is a non obligation to buy ok thanks sewchin

  35. Hi, I’m interested to get the Thermomix. Kindly advise the current price and whether you deliver to JB. Thanks!

  36. Hi Angie, is Sewchin long time no hear , understand from Maggie you are doing fine in Montreal . Wish you and your family well.

    • Good to hear from you, Sewchin! Yes we have been here for almost 4 years now! Time flies when you’re having fun. 🙂 Thanks for the well wishes!

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