Posted by: angiefm | September 6, 2010

Draw Write Now

Before this starts to turn solely into a homemaking blog :D, I thought I should post a book review of a title we are now using for school.  😀

Draw Write Now is a series of 8 books by a mother-daughter team which teaches penmenship and drawing.  We have owned it for some years now, but Alethea and Timothy didn’t quite get into it.  Tim doesn’t like drawing.  Full stop.  Alethea prefers writing, then doing her own illustrating.  She wasn’t keen at the time to learn drawing through this step-by-step method. 

When Nathalie ran out of copywork passages to do, I pulled this book from off the shelf as a stopgap measure to buy me some time to pull together more copywork selections.  And she is THOROUGHLY enjoying the book!  In fact, I catch Alethea and Timothy looking over her shoulder in obvious interest as she draws.

We have the first in the series, Draw Write Now Book 1: On the Farm, Kids & Critters, Storybook Characters, which is recommended for 6 and under, and introduces basic drawing techniques.  If your child is 6 and under, or if he/she is new to learning drawing this way, or just not the drawing type, they suggest starting with Book 1.  Otherwise, the other books are not in any grade order, but based instead on various history and animal themes.

Using the book is EASY.  Every day, Nathalie picks one drawing to work on.  I print her a sheet of blank drawing paper which looks like this, then off she goes on her own!  (I have finally figured out how to upload documents to this site, so if you click on the image below, it should open a word document which you can modify for your own use!)

If you are keen to check the series out, their website is  It is available locally through your friendly neighbourhood (if you live in Woodlands, that is :)) homeschool resource store,

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