Posted by: angiefm | September 5, 2010

Vegetarian Day V & The Celebration Dinner

We did it!  We made it through 5 days on a pure vegetarian (eggs and dairy allowed) diet!  *pat on the back*

5th Day Lunch

Using pre-mixed seasoning for pineapple rice, I simply used fried tofu instead of chicken and voila!  Lunch!  

Tofu frying on my Ariston induction stove.

The cake in the background was baked by my mother.  She’s a spectaculour cook.  🙂  And no, I didn’t inherit any of her culinary skills.  Sigh …

5th Day Dinner

Timothy has been begging to go to the beach.  We cycle along the beach often enough, en route to Downtown East, but he wanted to go dig around in the sand, something we haven’t done since Daniel was born!  YIKES!  So I planned a bottled sauce pasta dinner.  *grin*  And we had it with my mom’s offering of homemade cauliflower soup.  🙂  That allowed us to do this …

By the time we came home, rinsed off all that sand *yuck*, it was very late, but hey, it only takes 15 mins to boil pasta and heat up the sauce.  Btw, we really like this series of Leggo’s Wine Infused sauces.  😛

Day 6 Celebration

Tim wanted to go to Casa do Churrasco Brazil for a celebratory dinner.  🙂  Think MEAT!  Instead, I decided to order in a surprise dinner for the family.  Still think MEAT!  I went online (I love online shopping!) to and ordered a barbecue pack for 5 plus some extra ham/beef/lamb burger patties to make the 100 dollars needed for free delivery.  🙂  We ate just under half of all that we ordered and it was YUMMY!

Kebabs grilling on our Breville Grill

The last bit of my sirloin steak.  Medium Rare, thank you.

Thoughts and Lessons Learnt

Here are some thoughts at the end of this very gastronomically interesting week:

  1. Hats off to all the vegetarians out there!  Part of this initiative was also to get our children to empathise with my mother who has been on a ZERO protein diet for about a year now and will have to be on it for life to prevent kidney failure.  That’s ZERO plant protein also!  So no tofu, no dairy, no beans etc.  Even though the kids have known about her diet, it only hit home this week how difficult it was for her.
  2. I used more oil this past week than I have in the past 2 months!  Really shocking!  I found myself wanting to fry everything to make it more palatable.  Deep fried potato cakes, deep fried toufu, deep fried tempura vegetables, more deep fried toufu … That meant more cleaning than I usually do also.  I do stir fry a lot, but I don’t deep fry much.
  3. I have learnt to use so many different types of vegetables in so many different ways this past week.  We have added to our repetoir of dishes and some are definite keepers!  I am inspired by my children’s willingness to try new things, and I am going to keep adding new dishes to our menu.  Our meals have become same-old-same-old for a while now.
  4. Projects are fun!  TC and I are always talking about our latest projects.  Everything to us is a project.  Ha ha.  From reorganising a room, to trying out a new gadget, buying and using a new curriculum, going vegetarian for a week.  Projects really inject a good deal of fun and excitement into the day.  There is lots to talk about, lots to research, and all that rah-rah brings the family together.

All in all a wonderful week!  Thanks for joining us virtually in our adventures.  Here’s to the next project!  😀


  1. I just love the way manage your life. I was talking to my hubby about your family and you, the amount of effort you had put in for your family.
    I felt encouraged each time I read your articles for home schooled/ maidless mum. ( I didn’t miss any!!! hahahha)
    We do take your family and you as our role model.
    You are one amazing woman and a “super duper” mum!!!!
    As for the vegetarian project, its a big step…we took our hats off- I love that determination!

    • Aw … what an encouraging comment! Thanks for taking the time to write it. We do not seek to be an inspiration, but we certainly seek to encourage others who have choosen or want to choose the same paths we have.

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