Posted by: angiefm | September 3, 2010

Vegetarian Day IV

I don’t know which is harder … going vegetarian, or blogging everyday!  LOL!  I don’t know how people do it.  I can’t seem to find the time to write daily.  Right now, my kids are taking a school break to look after Daniel so I can hammer this out.  I said ten mins.  Let’s see …


My parents took my kids out for their weekly lunch outing yesterday.  They wanted to take them to IKEA, a favourite haunt, but what was there to eat at IKEA that was vegetarian?  Apart from their one daily vegetarian offering I mean.  So instead they went to Downtown East and ate at the Nihon Mura Restaurant on Level 5 of E!Hub.  As I predicted, my parents tried to get my kids to forget the vegetarian thing for that one meal.  But to my children’s credit, they remained resolute!  😀  One point for the children!  We were so proud of them when we heard that they refused to be swayed by two very persuasive grandparents!

I asked my Mom to take some photos of their lunch, but she didn’t check her phone message till after the food was on its way to digestion-land.  So no pics.  Btw, my Mother is a hip iPhone user, while I’m still the contented basic Nokia phone user.  🙂

Anyhow, here’s what they had for lunch – plain ramen, assorted vegetarian sushi (with cucumber, tamago, avocado, etc), toufu and an avocado shake.


Okay.  This one will go down in history.  😀  We had planned a tempura dinner as part of our week, but didn’t count on the MESS we had to clean up afterwards!  Tempura flour, batter mix, oil spills and splatters, oily floors, too many sheets of oil soaked kitchen paper towels.  It took us an hour to clean up afterwards!

Here’s what we had for dinner …

Daddy TC and the children making vinegared rice.  That basket you see in the photo is a Thermomix steaming basket which we use to cook rice in.  Since buying the Thermomix, I have given away a few things.  My rice cooker is one.  😀

Our plain sushi rolls, assorted vegetable tempura (sweet potato, eggplant, tri-coloured capsicum).  I also made a mixed vegetable one from shredded carrots, lotus root, sweet potato, onion, but was so tired and hungry after that was done, I forgot to photograph it.  Pity though, because that was the best one!

Renkon (lotus root) chips (which were so ridiculously cheap and easy to make that I wondered why we paid so much for them at Japanese restaurants!).  There were loads more, but they were snapped up so fast I only had 3 left for a photo.  In the foreground is a zucchini and blueberry bread  I made using blueberries my cousin Ling brought from Seattle (thanks Ling!) and from a recipe sent to me by Joann (thanks Joann!)  The bread was for tea yesterday and for breakfast today.

After all that excitement over the food, I completely forgot to take out the steamed corn from on top of the Thermomix!  *faint*  So here is Nathalie enjoying her corn in her pyjamas at 10 pm when the discovery was made.

Thus endeth Day 4.  We are now into our 5th and final day!  This morning, TC suggested we have a HUGE steak dinner tomorrow to celebrate the end of vegetarian week.  From the way Alethea and Tim’s faces lit up, it was clear they were not going to stand for my pushing the 5 day challenge to a full 7.  HAH!


  1. angle, i am reading your Going Vegetarian entries and we are amazed! My husband, Dan, is veggie, ( but vegan)and Jackie is vegetarian too. But we are much more simple veggies than you are. For example, jackie’s favorite IKEA meal for years was two servings of broccoli and one of boiled potatoes… With tomato ketchup on the side. We eat bean dishes (beans in mango sAuce, lobio, etc), things Ike tofu pad Thai,stir fried veggies , lots of soups, wraps and we all like plain garbanzo beans, etc. But we have never tried to make tempura, and your 5 course Chinese meal – girl, you are, as usual, amazing when you put your mind to do something! I salute you!

    • Too funny! 😀 Thanks for the pat on the back! Well you see, I had to do something to wow the crowd and get them to stay on course on this vegetarian ride! But I am the one who salutes you and Dan and Jackie! We have a new found respect for vegetarians! We cannot sustain this! So … *salute*!

  2. Congratulations on going veggie, even if only for a few days. Did it make any difference to your eczema? I’ve always considered going vegetarian for a season, but other people in my household would hear nothing of it! I tried it for myself for a week, but it was too troublesome to cook for them, and then for myself as well.

    • Hi there Yolande. No, no noticeable difference. But I think 5 days isn’t enough for any change in diet to help. Hope your eczema is better than the last time i saw you with the cement-dust-aggravated condition!

  3. Oh the zucchini and blueberry bread looks good! I’m a Singaporean and my husband is Belgian, we have 3 kids. We live in Belgium and we chose to homeschool the kids. I enjoy your blog very much. Anyway, we’ve been picking blueberries at a farm last month and we’ve frozen a few kilos of them. I’m going to give this recipe a try!
    By the way, we’ve also tried going vegetarian, went well with my husband (mostly) and I but not the kids. We are now back to our usual diet too.

    • Thanks for dropping by all the way from Belgium! 🙂

      Yes, do try the bread. I don’t think my photograph did it justice and I chose to eat up the not-so-nice looking loaf first. 🙂 I didn’t have the mini loaf tins the recipe uses, so I used two normal sized loaf tins and baked for 1 hour and 20 mins. ENJOY!

      Btw, stories of berry picking always makes me crave living elsewhere!

  4. Found a website named Modern Vegan, I think. I just google n found lots of easy & likable recipes like Korean type of food. Bimbimbab is one of them.

    Another recipe I tried was Tofu Croquettes. I mashed some frozen harsh browns w tofu n potato/corn flour. Stir n make into patties to fry. Yum!

  5. hi

    I came to your site to check if home library is back yet, been awhile since i bought books in your clearing sale. Hope you’ll be back soon! I’m pretty interested in the thermomix, can i know where you purchased yours?

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