Posted by: angiefm | September 2, 2010

Vegetarian Day III – Eating Out

A quick update on Day 3 since it is already the morning of Day 4!  😀

Yesterday being Teachers’ Day (HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY to all the teachers and homeschool moms!), we went out with two other families on a Heritage Walk around the Kampong Glam area.

A recent (ie 2 days ago) discovery – in Indonesia and Malaysia, it is spelt Kampung with a “u”, but in Singapore, it is spelt Kampong with an “o”.  Go figure!


We had lunch at the very famous Zam Zam Restaurant along North Bridge Road.  They are most famous for their murtabak and their bryani, but we couldn’t have either since they are chock-a-block full of MEAT!  So my kids and I had egg pratas.  Fortunately for me, Teh Tarik is vegetarian!  😀

En route to the Malay Heritage Centre, there was a row of food stalls set up pasar malam style along Kandahar Street and there was a TANDOOR!  I love naan and would have stopped for some except we had just finished eating at Zam Zam and it was HOT HOT HOT!  Don’t know how the guy managed to cook in a tandoor under the scorching hot noon-day sun!  Check out the blistering naan in this photo!  YUM!


Since we knew we were going to end late, we planned to meet TC at the airport (he works there) for dinner at the Ananda Bhavan Vegetarian Restaurant on Level 3 in Terminal 2.  We have passed it countless times, usually on the way to eat at its neighbour, Pasta de Waraku which, by the way, serves a very good value children’s set meal which is way too much for one child to finish.  🙂  Ananda Bhavan is almost always crowded, even on weekday nights, so you have to figure it has to be reasonably good.

TC has suggested on many occasions that we eat at there, but I have already explained my hesitation about vegetables.  But we are on an adventure this week! 

And I was more than pleasantly surprised!  The food was EXCELLENT!

We had the Tandoori Set Meal,

the vegetable bryani (I just had to have it after being denied some at lunch!)

an order of samosa,

and a huge paper thosai!

We also ordered Romali Roti which I love love love but have only ever found in two other places and a butter naan with a side order of dhal, but we dug in quickly and forgot to photograph!  😀

The kids had a BLAST!  Nathalie had a largely carbo meal because she found most of the stuff we ordered to spicy to have much of, though TC and I thought they were all very mild and the older two managed to eat without issue.  And they all asked to go back again, especially for the bryani!  What a hit!  And I’m certainly going back for more Romali!

Thus ended Day 3.  😀  The adventure continues!


  1. O yes our family always pass by that restaurant on our way to Pasta de waraku. You make it sound so good, we gotta try it someday haha 😀

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