Posted by: angiefm | August 30, 2010

Me and My Gadgets – Wiz Mop & Handy Brew

Here is a many-in-one post about various gadgets we own from Kessler Singapore (


TC and I watched this amazing mop on some late night sell-a-vision programme on night a few weeks ago. But we balked at the almost 80 dollar price tag. Seemed like a real cool thing for a gadget-crazy family to own though. 😀 It was supposedly selling at Giant, some department stores, etc, and we said we should go take a look.  Which we never got around to of course.

Then two weeks ago, while visiting our favourite haunt, Downtown East (it is 600 metres from our home), lo and behold, Kessler was there doing a demo of the Wiz Mop!  We don’t know if it is the same brand we saw on TV, but it looks and works just like it.

The main selling points of this mop for me are:

  1. it has a microfibre mop head, which is EXTREMELY absorbent so I use it to pick up spills and rain water,
  2. you don’t have to get your hands wet at all, which is a real plus for me and my eczema,
  3. the spinning wringer gets so much of the water out, so you are working with a slightly damp, not wet mop!  Great if you have little kids stepping around all the time and you need the floor to dry quickly.

And best of all, it was selling at a promotional price of S$59.90!  And with TWO, not one mop-head!  (Now *I* sound like some promoter!)  So of course we had to get it.  *grin*  And our kids have been fighting over who gets to mop what!  Ha ha.

You must of course be wondering why we need a mop when we have the Roomba AND Scooba iRobots.  🙂  Well, I use it to dry the balcony after it rains, as well as to mop bathrooms, our sunken bathtub, balcony, wash area, and the toilet in the wash area which is sadly neglected.  😀  Also since buying it, I have taken it out to do a quick once over of the kitchen after frying food so that I won’t be tracking oil through the house before the Scooba does its job at night.  I would never have thought of mopping as a “quick job” before, but the Wiz Mop has made it really easy.

And with the entertainment value of watching all that water spin out of the mop head, it is now quite trendy to want to mop the floor in this home.  😛

Handy Brew 

We have owned the Handy Brew for almost 2 years now and use it almost daily to brew TC’s Chinese tea.  🙂  If you are a coffee or tea drinker, and if you use a coffee-maker to brew your favourite drink, then you are going to have to run out and get the Kessler Handy Brew.  😀  It is so good, we have TWO!

It is way better than the Bodum style coffee maker because unlike those, where you have to push the plunger down before you pour, then can’t add water to re-brew, the Handy Brew allows you to keep adding water, like you would with Chinese tea.  Also, to dispense the drink, just put the pot over a cup and it pours out from the bottom!  How cool is that huh?  We have given away many of these as gifts!

Oh, and we make local coffee, teh tarik and chrysanthenum tea in it also!

Other Stuff from Kessler

Seems like everytime we go to Downtown East, Kessler has another promoter there with something new there to tempt us with.  😀  So we also have the Ceramic Knifes (FANTASTIC!) and the Wine Pump Opener Set.  But this post is getting too long to get into these.  🙂

Happy Housekeeping!


  1. Love your I am so tempted to go out and get the mop..

    More of these…I am going to be quite broke…;-)

    Always looking forward to your post…

    • Get it Lee Pin! 😀 Today I did some frying so whipped out the mop to do a quick once over of the kitchen. Ended up mopping two rooms and left it out on the balcony to do a once over there also, but TC beat me to it and mopped the balcony for me! 🙂

  2. Where did you get the handy brew? I have yet to find a easy way to brew my lovely coffee and keen to explore more!

    • Hey there Minna. I got mine from a roving sales person who was doing a demo in the Pasir Ris Drive 6 wet market. 🙂 You can try to contact them through the info provided on the website:

      You should certainly try it! We use it for ground coffee, both “ang moh” and local.

  3. Ah! Have been eyeing the mop for a while but wondering about the HAIR issue. Lol! So what do you do with the hair that is mopped up? Pluck it out – ewwww GROSS!!! Share, please!

    • Just for you, my dear Serene, I am forgoing a few minutes of sleep to check on the mop and respond to your EWWWW question.

      The lady who sold it to us said that the hair gets spun out when you rinse the mop and give it a spin in the wringer. I have to admit I never thought about it afterwards, but I just went to check and true enough, I only found one strand of very short hair (2 cm, maybe), and one insect wing stuck to the mop head. Don’t know if it is because we also use the Roomba and Scooba and those have already picked up most of the hair. Will do my bathroom floor sometime this week and let you know how that goes. 😀

  4. I really like that handy brew. Saw it at Max Brenner’s. How much did u get it for? Thanks.

    • It’s only 25 dollars! I had the phone number of the lady who sold me our first pot and she was doing free deliveries for purchases of just 3 pots! But I have sadly misplaced it post-move. 😦

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