Posted by: angiefm | August 30, 2010

Going Vegetarian

Last week, the whole family was watching the TV programme Chef Abroad.  It was episode 1004 and set in South Africa.

During the show, Chef Michael goes with a local chef to a crocodile farm to choose a croc for their dinner prep.  These ferocious looking crocs are everywhere in this farm, but the proprietor walks up to the one the local chef chooses, stuns it, then they carry their dinner away.

All throughout, the kids are saying, “oh, the poor thing!  Poor thing!”  I mean, these are CROCODILES.  Not exactly cute cuddly lambs, or pigglets, chickens, cows, etc!  So we got to talking about killing animals for food, and I suggested (kicking myself now for doing so), that we try going a week without meat.  Or fish.

Those who know me, know that I TOTALLY DISLIKE vegetables!  I only eat 6 types of vegetables willingly.  In order of preference, they are … French beans, long beans (yes, they count as two types, thank you), cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage (which are evidently from the same family), and carrots (cooked please, never raw).  The only reason I eat green leafy ones is because I know they are supposed to be good for me, and I’m trying to set a good example here.  *shudder*

But back to the challenge.

TC was immediately up for it.  He loves a challenge, and I love him for it.  🙂

Alethea was game.  She usually is.  Like father, like daughter.

Nathalie, who LOVES vegetables, had no objections.

Timothy was the only dissenter.  Four against one.  Too bad for him.  😀

We decided to start this week, and committed to 5 vegetarian days.  7 if we had the stomach for it.  Literally.  Eggs and dairy permitted.

On Saturday, TC went to Giant for groceries (it is his Saturday ritual, wonderful man), and came back with a fridge-full of vegetables!  I didn’t realise vegetables for a week take up so much space!  Way more than meat does.  Also, meat we store in the freezer as well, but veges we can’t.  Live and learn.  There was major reshuffling in the fridge to get everything to fit.

And last night, we had a last supper of SATAY!

It is now the end of Day One.

We had two-potato (potatoes and sweet potatoes) cakes and mushroom soup for lunch.

And cauliflower soup with refried bean and eggplant pizza for dinner.

Strangely enough, during and after the meals, I didn’t receive the usual glowing praise and profuse thanks I have grown accustomed to.  LOL!

Stay tuned to see how this turns out … and wish me all the best!  😀


  1. Thought I would share with you our favourite vegetarian meals… but here aren’t many so here goes anyway
    1. Fry beans (kidney or cannelli) with onion, tomatoes and mushrooms… with lots of pepper, salt and sugar
    2. chop up french beans to half cm pieces, stir fry in oil till soft (or not so soft if you like it that way), then add egg beaten with soy sauce and pepper. I just stir it till it is sort of mixed and looks scrambled and cooked.
    3. vegetarian curry … well I haven’t tried this but am doing so tomorrow
    4. hummus (chickpea, tahini, lemon juice, salt, garlic blend) is a great stuffing in your pita bread instead of chicken.

    well that’s it.. i love the idea of blended soups (brocolli, cauliflower, onion and goat cheese is the only one i ever did) and fried potato cakes. must try that some day! share more of your vegetarian meals ok? I am not trying to go vegetarian but I am trying to meal combine (i.e. not eat carbo and meat together)

  2. […] if we could have broccoli soup in lieu of bacon!  Those of you who read our earlier post on our going vegetarian will remember that he was our only dissenter.    So I was quick to say YES to keep him happy and […]

  3. […] So what constitutes processed anyway?  We don’t have a good definition of it yet since we are at the start of this new food journey (those who have been around a while may remember our earlier food journey with going vegetarian for a week). […]

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