Posted by: angiefm | July 14, 2010

This and That – July 2010

A quick post about a few things which happened recently.

Kids on Wheels

We went to visit another homeschool family last week.  Just to prove homeschoolers DO have a social life, here is a photo as evidence.  *grin*  The kids counted the number of wheels and apparently they totalled 40.


Tonight over dinner, Alethea declared … “All the stories in Chinese assessments are the same.  Either someone does something bad, gets punished and learns a lesson, or someone does something good and gets praised.”


Last week, I was spooning the last bit of half-boiled egg into Tim’s mouth when a drop dripped out onto the table.  I said, “Aiyoh Tim!  Your mouth got hole ah!”  And he replied, “Yes, that’s why so many words escape.”


On Friday, Nathalie asked, “Mummy, do you say Daddy and Che Che (Alethea), or Che Che and Daddy?”  I explained that we say “Daddy and Che Che” because we usually name the older or more important person first.  She said, “Oh, so like Che Che and Daniel, or Kor Kor (Timothy) and me.”  (PAUSE)  “And like God and everyone.”


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