Posted by: angiefm | June 21, 2010

My Computer Addiction

“Hello, my name is Angie and I am a computer addict.”  (Introduction ala Alcoholics Anonymous)

Before I started working for Microsoft in 1999, I had a hotmail account and a computer at home, but my workplace, which shall remain unnamed, was technologically challenged and the whole of OCBC Property Services’ (oops!) HR department had to share one computer which wasn’t even connected to the internet!  The entire staff of more than 150 people shared ONE internet connection.

Microsoft changed that.  On my first day alone I received more than 200 emails and thereafter 500 to 600 per day was the norm.  After that, surfing the web for information on homeschooling and books and running the Home Library has kept me on the computer for too many hours in a typical day. 

I have had a love-hate relationship with my computer, with the internet and with email.  I love being connected, I love being able to find just about anything on the internet, I love how I can learn, grow, share as a homeschool mom and parent, I love being busy, I love the adrenaline rush when I see hundreds of unread emails in my inbox and I love playing Farmville!!  LOL!  But I dislike being a slave to it, being addicted to it, and I hate how it sucks up my time and makes me an absent parent even when I am at home.

Since October 1999 and apart from my wedding day and a week-long honeymoon, I have been on my computer every single day.  That’s practically 3874 consecutive days of email.  My laptop travels with me even on vacation, and among the first things TC and I do when we check into the hotel is to check out internet connection availability and rates!

But on our recent holiday to Australia, I didn’t need to bring my computer.  The Home Library was in recess, and those nearest and dearest to me knew I was going on a holiday. 

AND IT WAS WONDERFUL!  9 days of no email, no computer (though TC tempted me every night when he logged on to check his office email).  And I vowed that it would be different when I got home.  And it has been.  In the month since our return, I typically check email once a day and only briefly.  I have kicked my facebook and Farmville addiction (sorry neighbours!  Not sending you doggie treats anymore!).  And I haven’t been mindlessly surfing the web!  Our new home is keeping me busy especially now that we are maid-free.  And my laptop is tucked away in a drawer (more about that when I blog about our new home) so it is not out there and enticing me to check it through the day.

And it has been great!  I have redeemed time.  I feel much better about being PRESENT for the children.  I have more time to do the things which need to get done.  And I do not feel the need to get home by a certain time to harvest my virtual crops!

I hope I have kicked my addiction.  I hope to keep this up.  It is a good thing.  🙂


  1. Does that mean you are not continuing to run The Home Library??

    • The Good Lord only knows when we will re-start, Lynda. The Good Lord only knows. 🙂

  2. LOL!!! When i was in the corporate word, we had computers, but they had black screens & green words. And that was even when i left in 1995. haha – what internet???!!! That was coming on in popularity only in 1997, i think.

  3. Ha… I thot I am the only one. You are right, and many times, I went to bed guilty, having spent too much times on the computer. I became aware when I ‘consistently’ wake up late in the morning due to late nights! Thanks for sharing.

  4. yup, i know just what u mean by redeemed time! i hv also cut down on mindless surfing, facebooking and online shopping….and voila, now i have more time to spend playing with my 1yo and hubby, and catching up on sleep!

  5. Just as I guessed! Hmmm, about time I cut off the FV too. LOL!
    I have to remind myself to meet my objectives of finishing up my work first before “socializing” and playing. Need to be more disciplined!

  6. ghee! feeling guilty! i even have a “web-fast” for 40 days to train myself of self-control! itz almost 3am now… i’m still staring at my faithful one-eye-monster!! 😛

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