Posted by: angiefm | June 17, 2010

Me and My Gadgets – Breville Grill

The other day, the guy from the company who built our kitchen came over to inspect the finished job.  After showing him this and that around our kitchen, he said, “Wow, you really have a lot of gadgets.”

TC and I love gadgets.  And are always game to try new and interesting things.  But to have a guy who designs kitchens for a living tell us that WE had a lot of gadgets?  Well … that must mean something!

So after our very popular post about our iRobots (popular because many people explored the idea of getting them after, and some actually bought them from Edward!) I thought I would continue with a “mini-series” about the gadgets and fun stuff in our home.  Now, these are by no means only MY gadgets as the title of this post suggests, but “US AND OUR GADGETS” just sounds too cumbersome.  🙂


The other day, my nephew Ethan came to spend the afternoon with us.  It was unexpected and all I had planned for dinner was Beef Bulgogi and stir fried French Beans (my favourite!).  But instead of frying the beef, I decided to take out our Breville Professional 800 Collection Grill and let the kids have a go at cooking their own dinner. 

They knocked 7 eggs into a Tupperware Stor N’ Pour, threw in some salt, shook it up and made omelettes on the flat side of the grill, and grilled the beef on the ribbed plate.

Ethan, Alethea and Timothy variously grilling and eating

At the end of the dinner, my nephew declared it was the best dinner he had ever had!  😀  A bit of an exaggeration I’m sure, given that this boy has eaten in more restaurants than I have, and in more countries than I have visited! 

We use the grill at least once a week, when we do our grilled sandwiches for lunch.  We also take it out to toast bread (I don’t have a toaster), to make pancakes (fabulous!), to grill fish and chicken (contact grill does it in half the time!) and to re-heat pizza.  It is coated with Quantanium, which I believe is like Teflon only better.  🙂  Unless you are planning to heat it in excess of 500 degrees, the research is that it is safe and not carcinogenic. 

The grill can be used as a sandwich press (makes these lovely diagonal lines on your sandwich which make them look very “deli-style”), as a contact grill (press it down over meat and fish and it cooks both sides together, saving time!), and it can be opened out to double the grill surface which is what you see in the photo with the kids grilling.

The only downside of the grill is that the grill plates cannot be removed to wash.  But they clean very well and fairly easily with kitchen towels.  We wipe them down when the grill is still hot, using hot water if necessary.  This time round, though, there were quite a few burnt bits stuck on the ribbed plate, so cleaning took a little longer.  🙂  But it was well worth it to see them have so much fun preparing their own food!


We bought our grill from Pantry Magic at Holland Village.  We paid S$345.  It has been a “NO REGRET” buy.  We bought it just over a year ago.  A friend was coming over with his family and they wanted to barbecue.  But I was HUGELY pregnant at the time, and wasn’t keen on standing around downstairs around a hot barbecue pit.  So we bought this to have an indoor barbecue and it was a hit!


  1. Next post, the Thermomix? 🙂

  2. I am bugging my husband to get this next! – always wanted to do barbeque but dont want all the hassle of cleaning up, charcoal and dirty barbeque pits. 🙂

  3. Grin. Serene beat me to it. I was wondering if I had perhaps missed your post on the Thermomix…thought that would be first on your list of “Me and My Gadgets”. You’ve had me ranting about it even though I don’t own one!!! The other day, one of our gals at church asked SK if I had already gotten that “hero cooking gadget” 🙂

  4. Oh, I’ve been thinking of buying a grill for a long time but just cannot decide on which one to buy. Now, this blog sure helped!

  5. Gosh, I”m dying under the load of vacuuming and cooking every single meal for my gluten-free, corn-free, nut-free, etc-free allergic child. I can’t wait for your review of the Thermomix hero cooking gadget. Hero is what I need right now. *grin*

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