Posted by: angiefm | April 20, 2010

Eczema and A DISCOUNT!

[Cut to the chase … Valerie from is offering our blog readers a 10% discount till end April 2010!  The code to use is “teaching”.  Read on for reviews of two of the products we use.]

One of the arguments people who know me have used to deter me from going maidless is the fact that I have eczema.  It is not the worst I have seen, but it ain’t fun either.  🙂  I have been suffering from eczema since I was 3 and have experienced it in various forms and severities over the years.  At its worst, I was on consecutive courses of oral steriods to counter the bleeding fingers and toes and general severe rash, and my bedside table looks like the skincare section of a small pharmacy.  😀  When I stopped work, one of the wonderful side-benefits was that my skin got better!  I think it was because I could take showers and moisturise whenever I needed to through the day. 

Of the children, only Alethea has escaped having eczema.  Timothy had it really bad when he was 13 months old, just a week after I stopped nursing.  I have been a militant nursing mom since!  😀  Nathalie has some really stubborn spots and very dry skin, and Daniel looks like he may be heading the same way.  Mosquito bites don’t heal completely and he used to have a nasty diaper rash. 

Because I have been reluctant to start the children on steriod creams too young, I have tried various alternatives – homeopathic remedies (we used to see Dr. Sundardas from, manuka honey preparations from everywhere, oat preparations, banana cream made from banana peel (let me know if you’re interested in checking this out.  I have some tubes), and most recently fenugreek (yes, the same one taken for breastfeeding!).  Dietary restrictions have helped tremendously (no dairy, no wheat), but I have not been able to keep it up myself.  I keep the children off these for the first few years though.

But I have found that having a good moisturiser is the basis of a good skincare regime.  But there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.  For me, I have found Curel to be the answer, but it is only available in the US, so TC stocks up for me when he goes there.  🙂  But I haven’t found a good one for Nathalie.  My kids generally don’t react well to baby lotions.  It’s the fragrance in them I think.  And they are never rich enough.

After so many years of looking for the ultimate moisturiser, I’ll still try anything!  So when Valerie introduced me to the Baby Sweet Kisses range of products, starting with Yummi Tummi, I was totally game!  She wasn’t selling it at the time.  Just buying it for her own use.

Well, not only does it work great, it also smells YUMMY!  Best of all, Nathalie loves it and even after many months, will ask to apply it herself at night, which takes a load of having to remember to do it myself.  🙂  She likes how it smells and it works wonderfully on her.  And also for Daniel.  Even better for Nat is the Organic Calendula Butter Cream which I apply generously before tucking her into her pyjamas.  In the morning, her skin is noticeably softer.  Also when Daniel has a diaper rash we apply the calendula cream LIBERALLY and the rash goes away!

I don’t get anything for recommending this, except the discount also of course.  🙂  But if there’s anyone out there who could do with a recommendation for a good baby skincare solution, I hope this post helps.

Oh, does anyone have a good brand of gloves to recommend?  The ones I bought from NTUC and Giant make my hands itch.  Still better to use them than not, but if I could get no-itch gloves, that would be wonderful.  😀


  1. After 27 years of eczema, I somehow discovered that it was caused by milk and all sorts of dairy. Just last week, I ate a very tiny amount of butter and my skin started to become dry and itch. But I am generally disciplined and have not used steroids since. Would you consider going dairy free for a month and see if it helps? That means absolutely no milk, butter, biscuits with butter, yoghurt or anything with skim milk or whey in the ingredients. It may not be milk but is a common cause. We order goat milk from hay dairies and make our kefir (like yoghurt) with that.. we also do smoothies or whatever needs milk with that.

  2. Hi, I’m bugged by eczema since young too. I sort of figure out the cause after praying for many years.
    I was actually frantically searching for healing path for my autistic son when I accidentally realise my root cause for eczema too. I realised God had pointed me to the remedy all along but I was not desperate enough to do detail research.

    First, “Healing the new childhood epidemic_by Dr. Kenneth Bock” available from NLB, open my mind.

    Then when my son was on Gluten Free Casein Free Diet, I tried with him and my ‘outbreak’ reduced greatly. I also read many studies/papers on people with eczema improve from this diet.

    Latest prayer revelation was “Body Ecology Diet_by Donna Gates” There is a website too,
    I did not follow entirely but try as much as possible to stick to some principles suggested and miraculously, my son and my skin did improve. My family seldom fall sick after we try this too.

    Another book worth reading as a christian seeking for good health is “What the bible says about healthy living_ by Rex Russell” Available in most christian bookshops. It gives us scientific evidence to prove what God instruct on healthy living is true and gives a good guide in selection on food.

    Hope these info helps.

    * recently I learnt that Natto(Japanese ferment nut, bad tasting) has very good bacteria for combating what I lack to fight eczema, and I’m learning to eat it.

  3. Thanks! I have been looking for that ultimate moisturizer as well for my no. 2 whose skin is very sensitive! So far I find Physiogel AL cream best but itz expensive though. Will try your recommendations!

  4. One of my kids has rashes on her neck and forehead once the weather turns hot and humid like now. I started using California Baby Calendula cream on her and it to goes off after a few days. It is also a healing cream from minor bites and cuts. California baby products like the shampoo and baby lotion are made from natural ingredients and safe for babies and and adults with sensitive skin. Not sure if you have tried that ;>

  5. Hi,
    I may be late on this post as I just popped by. My elder son has got eczema when he was barely 1 yr old. I ordered goat milk for myself to drink and breastfed him. When he turned 1, i let him drink goat milk as well. We use physiogel cream by STIEFEL. His eczema is so bad it used to weep on hot or too cold days. Now that he is 3yr old, his skin sometimes itch, I use 100%pure organic body wash and shampoo for him. Once the weather gets so hot May – July. we will apply physiogel for him and bathe him at least twice a day to keep the perspiration from staying too long in the folds of his skin. Physiogel is really good , it is smooth and light and non-oily or heavy. It has a mild and natural smell and does not irrate. (I have sensitive nose so I know)
    hope it works for you

    • Hi Sharon. Yes I love love love Physioget, but it’s SO EXPENSIVE! 😦 I used it myself during pregnancies when I try to avoid using too much steriod cream.

  6. Angie, have you tried latex-free gloves? Another thing to try might be non-powdered gloves (if those you are currently using have a layer of powder on the outside).

    • Hi Lynnette. Where do I buy them from? I need better gloves! 😦

  7. Hi Angie,
    miss reading your posts. Guess you must be real busy running the household maidless. Hope to see you write again soon. Cheers.

  8. Hi Angie, my younger one has really bad rashes as well and we’re on various elimnation diet. While doing the reading up on allergies, I learnt that those allergic to latex are sometimes also allergic to bananas and avocados. You may want to see if that makes a difference to your eczema. Good luck!

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