Posted by: angiefm | April 7, 2010

Eleven Days On …

WE SURVIVED OUR FIRST ELEVEN DAYS of being maidless!  😀  And honestly it hasn’t been too bad. 

Of course it has helped tremendously that I have a super involved and very supportive husband, 3 wonderful and enthusiastic children, even though the 4th does undo everything we try to do, and with amazing rapidity. 

We’ve settled into a nice new routine now.

General Cleaning – TC has made a game of cleaning up.  He’s great with such things!  😀  Level 1.1 which they children have mastered, is picking things off floors, including toys and clothes.  They are now at level 1.2 which is packing things on surfaces – like tables and chairs and beds.  We have also bought ourselves two iRobots – the Roomba for sweeping and the Scooba for mopping and I am embarrased to say they do a much better job than I could ever!  And it is so not true that they don’t do corners.  Ours even provide hours of endless entertainment for Daniel, which is a huge bonus.  🙂

Laundry – I do at least a load a day and two on some days when I have cloth diapers, bedsheets, towels, floor mats, etc to do.  I run the machine at night and hang the clothes out to dry.  After a few days I figured that if I popped them into the dryer for half an hour the next morning when they were semi-dry, I could get by without ironing pyjamas and boxer shorts!  Ha ha ha.  So that’s what I do now.  That leaves me with about 15 pieces of laundry to iron each day (day clothes, TC’s shirts and pants, my blouses) which I iron while Daniel has his late-morning nap so I enjoy ironing in air-conditioned comfort.  🙂  I fold most of the clothes with Alethea helping when she can and they kids put their own clothes away.  So far we have gone to bed each day without any outstanding laundry to be ironed or put away!

We went through and pared down the children’s clothes AGAIN last week when I realised that it was so much easier to put things away and to select clothes to wear if there were fewer pieces of each type of clothes!  I ended up giving away another 50 pieces or so, underwear, t-shirts, pyjamas, etc.  Crazy right?

Meals – I have been waking up to make breakfast for TC before he goes to work (defaulted on only one day).  If I haven’t the time or inclination to do anything exciting, it’s cereal and milk for all.  But in the 10 days I have also managed scrambled eggs on toast, pancakes and home-made bread, so I think things are going pretty well.  🙂  Lunch has been noodles in soup, pasta and freshly made pizza which was so fun to do together we’ve done it twice!  In the afternoons we juice a variety of fruits – apples, oranges, starfruits for the kids, while I throw in carrots and celery in my juices.  Dinner has been pasta or Chinese-style dishes with rice.  Like last night we had rice with stir-fried pork loin with onions, chicken soup with carrots and radishes, mixed vegetables and grilled ikan kurau.  Today we were out all day so we ate out instead. 

Making Technology Work for Us – I will blog more about this in the next few posts, but I did want to say that there are so many nifty gadgets available these days that homemakers really should consider what’s out there and make full use of the technological advances.  Like our iRobots.  We bought them through Edward Soh who brings them in from the US I think, and sells them at very attractive prices.  His after-sales service is fantastic too and he is only too glad to share tips and tricks and to help you get the most of your iRobots.  I found him way more knowledgeable than the iRobot sales people in the stores!

If you are keen on getting the iRobots (they do a way better job than I could ever!  You should feel our squeaky clean floors!) you can contact Edward Soh at 96394715, email him at or check out his ebay listings at  The iRobot Roomba (the one that sweeps) retails in Singapore for about S$1,000.  I bought mine from Edward for S$680.  The Scooba (the one that mops) retails in Singapore for just under S$1,400.  I bought mine from Edward for S$570!  Insane right?  🙂  Of course they aren’t the identical models to the ones available locally, but preformance-wise they are the same.

Serving Our Families – each day I get by doing all the work that has to be done by reminding myself that I am serving each member of my family.  As I iron, I pray for each person whose clothes I am ironing, and the time just flies by! 

As expected, there have been a number of naysayers who have told me I will not last being maidless and that the mundaneness of the tasks will drive me bananas.  But there are always naysayers.  They were there when I quit my full-time job at Microsoft and said that I would be back at my desk in 6 months.  It’s been more than 5 years.  They were there to tell us that homeschooling was crazy, that having four children was tough, etc etc and so forth.  But we’ve survived and each member of our family is richer for the changes we have made along the way.  So I would like to think of this as one more of those enriching experiences.

But ask me in a year and I’ll let you know how we’re getting along then, after the inital euphoria has died down. 

In the meantime, I’m off to hang out a load of Daniel’s cloth diapers!  😀


  1. great to read this, you are doing wonderfully 🙂

  2. Very encouraging!!! The day I say bye bye to my maid, I am going to do just that – buy the robots and a dryer!! You are doing fantastic!! 🙂

  3. Hi Angie, you can do it!

    Talking about technology, check out the Laurastar iron at the basement of Tangs. Ironing will never be the same after you get the Laurastar! An added bonus is the sales person, Vincent – he is so unassuming and decent.

  4. Angie you never cease to amaze me! Keep up the good work and blog more abt your experiences please.

  5. Hi Angie, once again I’m so proud of you! Didn’t I tell you that you would be great! I’ve even learnt some tricks from you! And yes… please don’t iron pjs! That would only make me feel bad!! Can’t wait to see you soon!

  6. way to go, Angie! So proud of you.

    and yes….that’s what I did too….dryer, Scooba, Roomba, even dishwasher. bwahaha, lazy me.

  7. To add on to what Rin has said, you may like to look at the standing steam irons at Tangs too. Don’t have to lay the clothes out on the ironing board. I’m thinking of getting one to do shirts cos I’m hopeless at ironing

  8. Hey Angie! Keep up the cheerful spirits and thanks for ever encouraging me with each of your posts! Timely reminder that what I do is each an act of service for my family. Enough to quelch my complaints! See ya around the neighbourhod I hope!

  9. Hi Angie,
    I am so glad u took this bold step to go maidless. And u are going great! Keep going…But don’t forget to have some time out after a while.It’s impt. that’s what i realised, to ensure we don’t over stretch overselves. ;>

  10. Hi kuku 🙂
    I found your blog! But I thought that it was called the domus academy though. 🙂

  11. Hi!! popped by from Jayne’s blog. Yay no to no maids! The transition period’s pretty challenging but definitely worth it.

    And the iRobot is awesome! though my boy has a love-hate relationship with it.

    • Welcome Daphne! Yes, YAY INDEED! 🙂 We lived in our new home for 10 days with renovations going on and the iRobots worked together every evening till their respective batteries ran out and they picked up all the dust from the kitchen renovations! FANTASTIC STUFF! Of course I still have to do a little bit of work with the vacuum cleaner lah. Ha ha. But HOORAY FOR iROBOTS!

  12. Hi Angie, thanks for the timely, wonderful recommendation on iRobots. I bought the Scooba from Edward (who is really a gem) after reading your post. The Scooba has been relieving me of the daily backaches and muscle aches. I only need to do the weekly cleaning of corners and under furntiture. Thanks once again.

    • Hi Seok Hui. HOORAY! We all need a little relief now and then. 🙂

  13. […] after our very popular post about our iRobots (popular because many people explored the idea of getting them after, and some actually bought them […]

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