Posted by: angiefm | March 9, 2010

Introducing … Life Between the Covers


Life Between the Covers is now open!

It is a Home Library-ish online bookshop.  Same user interface, same great books, same homeschooling materials, same great service … *ahem*, but brought to you by a different bibiophile.  😀  Only it looks way better because Carissa has quite the eye for things beautiful.  No fair!

I have known Carissa for 4 or 5 (who remembers?) years now.  She homeschools her only son who is Tim’s age and she was one of the Home Library’s best customers (read: crazy book-buyer).  She is quite the opinionated reader and book collector, and is one of the very few people who has dared tell me to my face that she did not like some of the titles I carried.  THE NERVE!  LOL!  🙂  But that is what makes her a great friend and sparing partner in bookselling and homeschooling.

When we were looking to close the Home Library, my plan was to have Carissa take over right away so that our customers had continuity in being able to get their books and resources.  But she was away in Vancouver at the time and the timing just wasn’t right. 

BUT NOW SHE’S HOME!!  And Life Between the Covers is up and running!  She is still uploading titles into her inventory and this will take a while (trust me) and will never quite be completed since we keep finding new stuff to add.  So if there is a title you don’t see, please email her at to ask for it. 

Whatever you used to be able to get through The Home Library, you can now get through Life Between the Covers.  Go for it!

The Home Library

And what about The Home Library?  Well I will have to be honest and tell you that the longer it is closed (we’ve been closed from mid-Dec 09), the harder it is to think of re-starting it.  (Though Carissa is sure I will be itching to reopen as soon as we are settled in our new place!)

Current plans are … helper leaves end March which means we need to figure out how to live life without a maid for the first time since we had children 9.5 years ago … we move into our new place end April (renovations going on now) and work on settling in there … we may take a family vacation after that … then we “see how”.  🙂

So Carissa is now your “go to” person for books and homeschool resources.  Go check her site out!  Enjoy the browse!


  1. Just want to say my family and I really appreciate the books we got from you. Thanks for opening our eyes to the many wonderful stories you carry in your library and your taking time to share and encourage us in this homeschooling journey.

    May the next stage in your homeschooling journey bring you to a closer walk with the Lord and a greater dependance on His grace and wisdom. Enjoy your new maidless life and see His manifold blessings unfold! Will be upholding you in prayer:)

    • Thanks all for the kind words about the Home Library. I received others via email and sms also and am so very touched!

      Thanks for the good wishes and prayers! They are much appreciated! 🙂 I think we’ll need lots of prayer in the next phase of our lives! 😀

  2. Thanks for ensuring the continuity for the customers. Really appreciate that 🙂

    My kids and myself enjoy the books bought at The Home Library. Was a little disappointed when we heard the possibility of The Home Library being closed down.

    Now I don’t have to worry about where to find good books and spend my year-end ‘bonus’ from Chris. Ha!

  3. Hi Carissa, I would like to order e life of Fred series. Can you tell me how I can go about ordering? Thanks Lena

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