Posted by: angiefm | February 19, 2010


I wrote about GeoPuzzles once earlier and how we used them for map work.  We had such a good time with the one for Asia that this year we bought the one for Europe!

After that post, a number of people emailed me to ask where I bought it from and were disappointed when I said from in the US.  Think hefty shipping costs.  😦 

Anyway, here’s the good news!  They are now available locally!  They are 28 bucks each and available at

From now till 28 Feb 2010, Constance, the lady who brought them in, is offering them at a promotional price to the homeschooling community.  10% off for any GeoPuzzle purchased AND an additional 10% off if you purchase a set of 5 different continents. 

And I have asked her to extend the discounts to our blog readers also!  So if you would like to order the Geopuzzles, go to to check them out, then email your request to  Don’t forget to let her know you heard about it from our blog.  Then you’ll get that discount!  🙂


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