Posted by: angiefm | February 17, 2010


Extended Maniam Family – Daddy Francis, Mummy Helen, Big Brother Andre, Sister-in-Law Doreen, Niece Athena, Nephew Ethan with the Ngs on Chinese New Year

I am a self-confessed perfectionist. 

That’s one of my excuses for not blogging.  Most evenings when I’m having a shower, I think of all the things I would like to blog about.  All the wonderful, philosophical, mundane, quirky things which happen to us and which I think about.  But I don’t get around to it because I keep telling myself I don’t have that photo to go with the post yet, I don’t have a full and quiet hour to write it in, I have only a partial booklist, I’m not quite done thinking through that thought, I don’t have enough to compose a good-length post …  And I stall. 

But thanks to all the people who have been emailing or texting to tell me they missed hearing from us, I have a new year (lunar) resolution.  I have decided to try to ditch the perfectionism and JUST DO IT!  So I’m comitting to blogging more often.  🙂

Perfectionism is also one reason why I love homeschooling.  I get to do things our way.  Which by the way I think is the best way.  😀

Many times I stand by and listen to parents with school-going children gripe about a host of things.  Lousy principal, incompetent teacher, relief teachers who do nothing, Chinese teachers who teach too much, too much homework, too little homework, too many enrichment programmes, too few choices of CCAs, tired of being chauffeur, sick of the school bus, kids bullying, kids being bullied, waking too early, sleeping too late, too much stress, too little challenge, etc, etc and so forth.

Then to my great surprise, they then turn on ME and say in an interogatory tone, “EH!  You HOMESCHOOL right?”  And one of these follows:

  • Aren’t you afraid they will be poorly socialised?  (Or more accurately in Singlish, “Eh, you not scared they cannot socialise ah?”)
  • How do you know what to teach?  Were you a teacher?
  • Are you sure you have the discipline for it?
  • Why do you want to deprive them of … (list here)?
  • How will they learn sports?
  • What about teamwork?
  • How will they be prepared for the REAL WORLD?

Or the current favorite, which people use when they realise that we are SERIOUS about this homeschooling thing … “When ARE you going to send them BACK to school?”

HUH?  You picking on me?  The peace-loving one?  I’m not the one griping!  LOL!

Well, I don’t want to go into a lengthy post right now about why we homeschool, or start on a thesis defending our decision.  Suffice it to say that after five years, we are so happy we made the decision for me to stay home and for us to homeschool.  This has been the PERFECT decision for our family. 

TC and I have the greatest stake in ensuring that our children are raised correctly.  So yes, thank you very much, we ARE concerned about the academics, proper socialisation, sports, teamwork, the REAL WORLD.  And that’s why homeschooling is still the best choice for our family.  At these young ages, I cannot imagine handing over our children’s intellectual, emotional, social, psychological, spiritual wellbeing and development to someone else.  They are ours and we have the biggest stake in their lives. 

I’m not saying homeschooling is for everyone (even though sometimes I wish it were).  But it is for us.  And right now, it’s PERFECT!

Have a Blessed Lunar New Year!


  1. Yes, you must continue to write! Please do! I miss your updates so much but did not want to bother you with my emails wondering where you are!

  2. Yes pls, do write. U are my encyclopedia on parenting 🙂

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