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2010 Plan – Christian Education

Uncle Sam, the children’s 17 year old uncle, dropped in for a surprise visit one morning during our first week of school.  Being able to drop everything and entertain and be entertained like that is one of the lovely benefits of homeschooling.  🙂  And they say homeschoolers are poorly socialised?  *grin*

It has been a few weeks since I last blogged.  After we closed the Home Library, we got busy with other things – Christmas, birthdays (mine on the 26th when I turned the BIG FOUR-OH!, and Nathalie’s on the 31st), our 10th wedding anniversary (on the 26th).  Also I was feeling so burnt out I really didn’t want to do very much.  🙂

Then the school year started and when I wasn’t busy with that, or taking a nap *grin*, I was sorting, packing, giving, throwing, etc.

But here I am again.  Back and blogging! 

I have been wanting to blog about our new school year (after all, this did start as a homeschool blog even though I did get a little preachy-er along the way, haha), but I really didn’t have that much planned when the new year started.  Last year, in anticipation of Daniel’s arrival, I was SO WELL ORGANISED!  I had lists and forms and schedules and files … but … well it ain’t happening this year! 

Of course we’re covering the academic basics (BORING!) but all the rest is somewhere up there in my head, and very little has been put on paper.  So I decided that at least I should blog about it for accountability.  🙂  Here’s the first of a series then … beginning with:

What we are doing for Christian Education.


This year we continue to read the Narrated Bible (it’s the NIV arranged in chronological order).  We started a year ago at the beginning (which is a very good place to start) and have made it to almost the end of Isaiah, or just over halfway through.  The children have really enjoyed the readings, and I have enjoyed seeing the Bible through their eyes.  The parts the have enjoyed most, funnily enough, were the various genealogies and parts of the Old Testament which had lists of names!  They were always fighting over whose turn it was to read!  And to think that I had personally been skipping over those lists for years!  😀

Each day, we read a portion of the Psalms or Proverbs then a portion of other Scripture in chronological order.  Nathalie joins us for the first part then we pause to read her children’s Bible to her (we will be starting on the Egermeier’s Bible Story Book after we are done with her current rather kiddy children’s Bible), then she is allowed to do her own thing while the two older ones stay to read the other portion of Scripture.

I am also planning to use What the Bible is All About for Young Explorers and Astronomy and the Bible with Alethea this year.


We will be learning/singing these hymns this year.  I will be printing them off and adding them to our little hymn book from last year.  The children really enjoy singing hymns and I get asked a lot of difficult theological questions about the lyrics which I am usually hard put to answer.  🙂  This is only a partial list.  I started at the beginning of our church’s hymn book and picked the ones I personally love.  But I need a few more to make the 36 we will need to learn at the rate of one hymn per school week.


I asked my father for a list of scripture passages he would like to see his grandchildren memorise and he rattled these off the top of his head.  🙂 

  • Psalm 23 – the Shepherd’s Psalm
  • Philippians 2 – Imitating Christ’s Humility
  • Psalm 90 – Lord, you have been our dwelling place
  • John 1 – The Word Became Flesh
  • 1 John 1 – The Word of Life
  • Romans 12 – Living Sacrifices
  • Romans 8 – Life Through the Spirit
  • Psalm 1 – Blessed is the man
  • John 15 – The Vine and the Branches

I added these two.

  • Isaiah 53 – The Suffering Servant
  • Proverbs 31 – A wife of Noble Character

Alethea will be using these for copywork and we will be reading and memorising them as a family.

Ah … it feels good to be blogging again!  Stay tuned for the rest of our school plan – schedules, book lists, etc.  But I have to say upfront that we are a little “lite” this year.  😀

Happy Homeschooling!



  1. Please tell Uncle Francis that I am so going to ask my kids to memorise his suggested bible passages too! Thanks!

  2. […] We start “school” proper at 10 am with Bible Reading.  We read from the Narrated Bible, which is the NIV arranged chronologically, we sing hymns and we recite Bible verses.  More details here. […]

  3. Hi there, I came across your informative website while searching for homeschool details for my girl (9 yrs o). I am planning to take her out of public school and just wondering all the necessary steps to take and writing curriculum. Hope to receive some advice from u. Thanks

    • Hello there Deborah. I’m glad you are considering homeschooling! We have a 9 year old also, thought she will be 10 this year and is in Primary 4. You will have to contact the MOE for the form for applying for exemption from compulsory education. This year they are very late (I think intentionally) in getting the form ready, so I’m not sure if you can make your application using last year’s form. Also, I hear there is a new rule that you can only take your child out at the end of the academic year, so you will want to check with MOE on the specifics and get their guidance. Also we have always homeschooled our children so have no experience in withdrawing them from school. I’m sure there will be different or additional procedures.

      So bottomline is you will need to contact the Compulsory Education Unit of the MOE to ask for the correct procedures. The person to contact is Miss Lee Wai Leng @ 68795732.

      About the curriculum, I will email you separately what we put together for our 2nd child and see if you find it useful. I must warn you that some people reading it have found it daunting because we have chosen to take a very serious and philosophical approach to writing it. Because we are indeed very serious (and very philosophical :)) about our children’s education. In fact, we are way more serious about it than the MOE could ever be. They are OUR children after all.

      Which is why I sometimes wonder why the MOE wants to deter people from homeschooling. Don’t they realise that as parents the last thing we want to do is to screw up our children’s lives? 🙂 But let me not get on my soapbox here.

      Look out for my email and maybe we can continue this conversation offline? Take care!

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