Posted by: angiefm | December 2, 2009

Migrating to TeachingOurOwn

The sale, which I announced exactly 3 weeks ago, has had me working harder than I have ever worked in my life!  😀  Thank you for your support of the sale.  We went from 33 shelves to just 6 in that time!  That’s 2000+ books to just 400!  It made me think that maybe we should do this every year just for the adrenaline rush!  😀

There are still 275 titles on the shelves and we are closing in 10 days, so you are still welcome to check out the remaining titles from our updated list at  Speaking of which …


In the next few days I will be migrating all the posts from this blog to our new blog site:  This is the last Domus Academy post.  😦 

For those of you who are subscribed to this current blog, I would SO appreciate it if you will subscribe to the new one as well.  It would be so sad to lose our current readers because of the whole thing about the name change. 

For those who haven’t asked but who are still wondering why we had to change our blog name … Domus Academy (a design school in Milan who also has a presence here in Singapore) sent lawyers after me to ask that I stop using “The Domus Academy” and the website name  Since I am of the peace-loving variety *big grin*, I agreed.

Tee Chiou and I agonised over the name change for weeks!  And spent too much time on GoDaddy trying to find out what was still available and what not.  We tried different permutations of “teach”, “learn”, “grow”, “simple”, “family”, “raising”, “love/loving”, “kids/children”, “house/home”, “school” etc etc and so forth.

All the while, Timothy kept saying we should just call it hybrid name THE HOMUS ACADEMY.  LOL!  😀

To entice you to head over to the new blog, I have just posted there about a new book we just brought in, and which I am selling at a promotional discount with FREE POSTAGE till the end of the year.

Remember …!  See you there!  😀


  1. Bullies, that’s what they are.

    It’s not like you’re taking business away from them…

    sorry, don’t know what came over me. i’m really a peace-loving kinda gal. :p

  2. Hey Angie,
    I liked the part about The HOMUS ACADEMY! 😉

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