Posted by: angiefm | November 10, 2009

SALE: Christmas, Klutz, Pop-Ups and Gifts

Christmas Titles – (20% discount for paperback, 30% for hardcover)

  1. Amazing Peace: A Christmas Poem by Maya Magelou, ISBN 9780375841507 (hardcover)
  2. Jotham’s Journey: A Storybook for Advent by Arnold Ytreeide, ISBN 9780825441745, S$18.60 (paperback)
  3. Mortimer’s Christmas Manger by Jane Chapman, ISBN 9781416950493, S$16.90 (hardcover)
  4. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey by Susan Wojciechowski (With Storytime CD Read by James Earl Jones), ISBN 9780763636296, S$25.40 (hardcover)

Klutz – 25% discount

  1. My Fabulous Life in Pictures: A Photo Scrapbook and More!, ISBN 9781570549168, S$33.90
  2. My Very Own Horse Book: A Complete Horse Handbook, ISBN 9781570548451, S$33.90
  3. Origami, ISBN 9781570549977, S$28.80
  4. Quilting: Design and Make Your Own Patchwork Projects, ISBN 9781570542152, S$37.30
  5. Shrink Art Jewelry, ISBN 9781591744375, S$42.40
  6. The Spiral Draw Book, ISBN 9781570549601, S$33.90
  7. T-Shirt Art, ISBN 730767485016, S$33.90
  8. Watercolor for the Artistically Undiscovered, ISBN 9781878257444, S$33.90
  9. Window Art, ISBN 9781591741671, S$37.30

Chicken Socks by Klutz (for Kids 4 and Up) – 25% discount

  1. Melty Beads, ISBN 9781591743620, S$22.00
  2. Little Letters, ISBN 9781591742449, S$16.90

Gifts and Games – 30% discount

  1. My First Photo Album, ISBN 078073012954, S$22.00
  2. The Knit-it Kit for Kids, ISBN 9780811848886, S$28.80
  3. Treasure Hunter by David Seidman, ISBN 9781584761297, S$33.90


  1. Hi, My girl recently received 2 pop-ups book (Cinderella and Pixie) for her birthday. Her aunt said she bought from your place.

    Do you have more of such books? Am interested in getting them.

    Could you let me know if you are bringing more of such books in? Or which website can i go to check it out. And perhaps you can then help me bring in the books.


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