Posted by: angiefm | November 9, 2009

The Home Library Clearance SALE!

The Home Library is having a Clearance Sale!

The Home Library is having its first, and very probably LAST sale of this magnitude.  We have 2000 books of 1500 titles to clear off our shelves in preparation for our move to a new but much smaller apartment early next year.

We have timed this sale to coincide with stocking up for the new school year as well as buying for Christmas so that we can help you even as you help us.  😀

The sale will run till Saturday, 12th December 2009 then The Home Library will be CLOSED TILL END MARCH for Christmas and to plan and execute (sounds so professional huh?) our move to our new home in February/March next year.

If you would like to be among the first to see the booklist (which we will be posting on Wednesday), please go to and where it says “SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL” on the right-hand navigation panel, click on the link, enter your email address and you’ll get an email with all the book titles when it gets posted!  Easy-peasy!  🙂  Most of our titles are ONE COPY ONLY so this is probably the way to go. 

If you would rather not subscribe, just remember to check back at on Wednesday, 11 Nov 09, to view the booklist.


All prices listed in the booklist will be BEFORE discount.  Unless otherwise specified, discounts are:

  • 20% off paperback and board books
  • 30% off hardcover books
  • 20% off audio CDs
  • 10% off Titus2 titles
  • 20% off Critical Thinking titles
  • 20% off EPS Books titles (Wordly Wise, Words Are Wonderful, Explode the Code) 
  • 30% off Learning Language Arts Through Literature

Other details of how to buy can be found at  Which is by the way, our new blog address (for those who have been following our sorry saga about having to rename our current blog,

The complete list of books will be posted on Wednesday.  Remember to subscribe to the email notification at!

Hope to “see” you at our sale!  🙂



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