Posted by: angiefm | October 28, 2009

Half-full or Half-empty

You know the proverbial question, is your glass half full or is it half empty? Well yesterday something happened to make me realise that I am so “half-empty” when it comes to communicating with my children. Let me explain …

Once in a while the children ask to bathe in our bathroom.  When they do, I have very high standards about having them leave it in the same state they found it.  Shampoo bottles back in place, towels hung up neatly, no puddles of water on the floor, etc.  (I know.  Picky mummy!)

Well last week Tim bathed in our bathroom and after he was done, I found Daddy’s towel in a heap on the floor and the bathroom lights on.  Well of course I did what I always do on such occasions.  I YELLED for him to come back, stood arms akimbo at the bathroom door and barked out orders for him to get everything back in order.  (I’m cringing even as I type it because if any of you were looking on, I’m sure my tone wouldn’t be half as harsh.)  Well …

Last night, he asked to use our bathroom again and when I went to inspect it, I saw the lights had been left on.  So I did the usual … “TIMOTHY!!!”  Then from the corridor leading to our bedroom I hear him say matter of factly, “Every time I use the bathroom I make a mistake.”  He entered the room and I said, “You left the light on AGAIN!”  And he looked at me and replied innocently, “But this time I remembered to hang the towel up nicely right?”


These incidents really serve to remind me to be gracious with my words, patient in my training and to always be on the lookout for things done well and not to be on fault-finding missions all day.



  1. Yikes! another post that rings a little too true. Thanks for writing about this and sharing with all of us. Personally, I have been working on not yelling and *trying* to be less critical. I have a LONG way to go…but I’m glad for His mercies that are new *every* morning.

  2. Wonderful reminder indeed! Thanks for sharing. It is so easy for us to be critical. I do that too often. Definitely something I have to constantly remind myself *everyday*.

  3. Guess not only the children are under construction (as I always tell people n myself), so are we. I’m also guilty of the same thing. But hey, at least we are one step nearer to perfection, we’ve realized our problem!! So we try n try again……with the Lord’s strength, WE CAN DO ALL THINGS 🙂

  4. same same here … think I shout too much at my kids, who are trying their best, too. I feel guilty when I looked at my son’s innocent face and wonder how much damage I’ve done with that screaming …. yes, we’ve gotta constantly remind ourselves to look for the goods and not the bads

  5. You are not alone. I’m guilty of it too as I am highly organised and have little tolerance in mess. So I fully understand how you feel. I have to remind myself daily to commit the day to the Lord and to ask for patience and strength to see me through the day (and the kids!). May He grants you patience in trying moments like these.

  6. Thanks for sharing your honest self! I also have a high need for my home to be neat and tidy, so totally understand how you feel. I need to remind myself constantly to be loving, patient and kind in my tone and the use of my words. On reflecting, it’s not easy for the kids as well, I just wish I can be more forgiving!

  7. Aiyo, I just yelled at my son this morning for always making me remind him to read in proper lighting, eat with his mouth over the plate, stop touching his books and toys with grubby fingers etc etc. It was after a hiatus of 4 months (yep, I’ve been counting!) so I’m really upset with myself after so much self control. I think it’s the stress of *probably* having to fit him with glasses that drove me over the edge. Tks for posting this – we are not alone!

  8. Thanks for your honesty Angie.

    You are not alone. Lots of us in the School of Patience, eh?!

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