Posted by: angiefm | October 21, 2009

Need A New Name for Our Blog

Hi all.  We need a new name for our blog (long story).  We can no longer use the name The Domus Academy (another long story).  TC and I have spent the last few nights racking our brains to come up with a new name but have failed.  So I thought I would enlist your collective help.  Here are some things to consider …

It should be something about our family or our homeschool (which is now back to being nameless  :() and not about me.  So no “Angie” in the name.

We like the concepts of home, of family, of togetherness.  Contentment, life also great.

We don’t mind “school” or “academy”, but don’t like “institution”.

It shouldn’t be overly focused on the academics, so nothing like “excellence”.

I like starting it with “the”.  Like The Home Library.  But it’s not important.

Can you please please please help us brainstorm?  Either leave us a comment, or send me an email at

Thanks so much!



  1. Oh, so sorry to hear that. I was going to suggest “The School of Life” (ok, I’m not terribly imaginative so it’s a good thing I don’t blog :-P) but I see there is also a business called that already so you might run into similar issues in the long run. Although how anyone might think the two might be confused is beyond me… Good luck with the brainstorming and if I happen to dream of something I’ll post a comment!

  2. how about ‘ALTINADA AD DOMUS’ for ‘ALethea, TImothy, NAthalie and DAniel at home’?

    Sorry…..try again.

    But I had fun coming up with this. Do you know an anagram for ‘A Dalmatian Athlete Thine Holey I’?

  3. Life of LearniNG Home Academy? 😉

  4. What about ‘An Informal Education: The Ng Family Schoolhouse’

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