Posted by: angiefm | October 14, 2009

Daniel Goes Swimming!

You know, I have never seen a more haphazard blog than my own!   🙂  And because different people ask me to write about different things, I find I have to write in rotational fashion so keep everyone happy.  HAH!  🙂  So for family and friends overseas and those here whom we don’t get to meet often, here’s another blog post about Daniel (who turned 5 months old 2 days ago and now weighs 7.4 kg!)

One day at Habourfront, we strolled by a “Baby Can Swim” shop which had these deep bathtubs (they looked a little like top-loading washing machines, ha ha ha) where little babies were floating about using these neck floats.  They looked kinda silly if you ask me.  😛  Of course we were amused and just for fun, walked in to ask how much it all cost.  Would you believe 20+ bucks for a swim session and 50 bucks for the neck float?  *faint*

Then last week, we were at Downtown East (our hangout!) and lo and behold, there was a stall selling these neck floats!  I still thought they looked silly, but talked to the owner for a bit about his experience using this for his son.  Still unconvinced, I went for dinner with the kids, but on the way out, decided that it wouldn’t hurt to spend 23 dollars on that neck float.  (Yes, only 23 dollars not 50 like the other place!)

And guess what.  Daniel loves it!  He floats about and kicks in the swimming pool for an hour each time without complaining!  Nathalie loves it too and we are going to order another one for her.  Timothy begs to use it.  Hey!  Even I can float with it!  *BIG GRIN*  It helps children swim right, with their arms and legs free of other typical flotation devices like the tube floats or arm-bands.

So here is Daniel’s complete swim gear …


I-Play Swim Diaper


Babywarma by Konfidence (these guys can’t spell anything right, but they sure have a great product!) which we bought from Mothercare. 
With this we have been able to let him swim for a full hour in our condo pool without turning blue from cold!


Baby Mambo float


It helps to have doting siblings to help you put on the float too!



  1. Ooh, thanks for the tips! Off to buy those 🙂 Sooo cool. Evan LOVES swimming but turns blue and shivery after just 30 minutes.

  2. The Konfidence thingy is cool! I bought a cheap swimsuit for my 2yo boy. He fell sick after one session of water play! I’m sure with this super suit, my boy can enjoy longer play time!

  3. LOL, i just hold my baby to swim. And he just wears those 1-piece swimsuits that I just get from NTUC.

  4. Angie, Baby Daniel looks like such a joy! He’s one huggable, chuckling cherub! Love the pics!

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