Posted by: angiefm | October 2, 2009

Idol Grammar

Now there’s American Idol, Australian Idol, Indian Idol, Japanese Idol, Canadian Idol, Idonesian Idol, Malaysian Idol, and the regional Idols like Asian Idol, South American Idol.

So why is ours called Singapore Idol and not Singaporean Idol?


  1. haha.. You are right!!! Why?

  2. Did ALETHEA come up with that??!! 😛

    • As the Chinese say … “Why? You see me no up ah?” LOL!

  3. Hmm… thats a good point. Wonder why not? There are so much talk about how bad our standard of English is… etc etc. Maybe thats why.

  4. Exactly! We’ve been wondering about that since Season 1!

  5. Aiyoh, where got time to pronounce so many syllables, lah?
    -your American friend who’s learned a thing or two about Singlish 🙂

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