Posted by: angiefm | September 28, 2009

What Makes A Holiday A Holiday?

We were on Sentosa all week last week to celebrate our children’s birthdays (Timothy turned 7 on the 15th of Sep and Alethea turned 9 on the 19th).  We chose to have a “staycation” instead of going overseas, for a more relaxing getaway.

It was a lovely break.  We had very little planned except that we wanted to spend all the shopping vouchers Daniel had been given.  Ha ha.  And all throughout, I kept trying to put my finger on the answer to the question, WHAT MAKES A HOLIDAY A HOLIDAY?  Here are my thoughts:

A holiday is a break from routine – it is when you do things you don’t normally find time to do.  For TC this meant spending more time with the kids.  And for me this meant spending less time with them!  *grin*

A holiday is a break from work – I refused to pay 28 bucks per day for internet connection in the room, so I didn’t work for 5 days!  The kids didn’t “school” and TC tried very hard to do less work.

A holiday is unhurried – playing in the pool, having a late lunch on the terrace, lazing in bed in the morning, and not having to watch the clock!

But my number one thought on the question is …

A holiday is when less is more – 1 suit of clothes per person per day, 1 toy for each child, 1 thing to eat for breakfast, 1 thing to drink in the fridge, 1 book on the bedside table (I have 5 magazines and 6 books on mine right now), and of course only 5 other people to hang out with all day 😀 and no one else making demands on your time!

Of course it helps that someone else is changing your sheets and towels daily, washing your cups and replenishing your coffee supplies!  😉



  1. I say Amen! to that! Used to be over ambitious and want to do so many things when we travel that we would need a break after our holiday. Now with 4 kids, will have to slow down and pace ourselves.

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