Posted by: angiefm | September 11, 2009

Geography – Map Work

I have been so wanting to start map work with my kids after I watched the All-Day Simply Charlotte Mason Seminar, where Sonya made it sound so very simple to do!  🙂

But the perfectionist in me had to find the ULTIMATE outline map before I could start.  After many online searches over many weeks, I finally found one!  Okay.  It’s still not the ULTIMATE but I have to let go of my perfectionism.  *grin*

It wasn’t that easy to find one with clear outlines, and Brunei and East Timor were often missing.  Singapore too, but we’re so tiny on a map it’s hard to fit us in!  Ha ha.  So the one we have settled on using is HERE.


Now how map work the Simply Charlotte Mason way works is this.  You give your child a blank map and have them outline, colour in and/or label one country.  Then you put it away!  You take out another copy of the same map the next time (next day, next week, whatever) and have them outline, colour in and/or label that first country and then you add another.  Then you put that away!  You take out another copy of the same map the next time … you get the general idea?  🙂 

Well, even if you take it REAL SLOW and do a continent a year, your children would have learnt the locations of all the countries in the world and all the states of the USA quite effortlessly in just 5 years! 

I also bought the GeoPuzzles for Asia from Timberdoodle so that Nathalie could get in on the action too! 

For those of you with computer savvy kids, you may want to check these out.  I let my kids play with the first one today and it was a real hit!  Won’t tell you what MY score was.  *blush*

Sheppard Software – the best one I found because you can do the tutorial before you try the game.
Purpose Games – this is a timed game.  FUN!
Sporcle – this requires you to SPELL the country names!  Needless to say, when I got to the “-stan” countries of the former USSR, I quit!  🙂

Have Fun Mapping!


  1. Sporcle was fun! Thanks for the link! Gave me and the hubby something to do together on Friday night after Riley went to bed. We got 42/48 btw! ;p

  2. Shepherd Software is great! My girls were able to learn the Canadian provinces in 1 sitting & the cities in another.

    Geopuzzles is great too! I picked up all 5 sets from Timberdoodle.

  3. Thanks for sharing Angie.

    You should try GeoChallenge on Facebook too. My boys learnt tons on flags, countries and major attractions of the world by playing it. But it could be quite addictive too.


  4. […] learned about GeoPuzzles from Angie’s blog (Teachingourown) so I also ordered GeoPuzzles  for my children in 2009 from from Timberdoodle (the shipping […]

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