Posted by: angiefm | September 10, 2009

EC-ing and CD-ing

It’s been a while since I last blogged and I have a good reason for it.  😀 Been caught up with a recent preoccupation.  EC-ing and CD-ing.  If you’re not familiar with those acronymns as they relate to babies, let me enlighten you.

Elimination Communication – this is basically baby potty training.  I know.  POTTY right?  (Okay bad joke.)  But it really works!  I heard about EC after we had 3 kids and never thought I’d get into it but I have!  And it is so wonderful to be able to be in tune and to pick up the cues from your baby about such a basic need.  Hey, we learn to “read” them when they need to nurse or sleep right?  So what’s one more?  I can’t say it better than the folks at so go there if you’re interested.  Also to  We actually have our own local EC Representative.  Her name is Lulu and she runs the webstore

We were going 5 hours without a soiled or wet diaper!  And now I catch his “big DO” every morning and also know when he has to go again in the afternoon.  It’s such a CLEAN thing to do!  I even bought him a potty from Mummy’s Milk.  I was doing great with EC-ing!  Until I started …

Cloth Diapering – I know some people who have been cloth diapering for years and I have to admit I’ve was so clueless till recently about it.  Thought this meant doing it the way our parents did.  DUH!?  Now I know how cool and hip cloth diapering is!  Such an “in thing”.  Ha ha.  I got started by reading up and buying from two local webstores: and

Okay, I have to declare that I have no interest in these two companies, haha.  Except that I have bought all my diapers from them and have been having a whale of a time!  For those of you keen to try it out, here is my review of the brands I bought:

Bumwear – has the cutest ever batik print diapers!  We bought two dino ones in white and blue and one green turtle.  Also threw in a plain white for times we didn’t want to call attention to the diaper – like when he wears overalls to church.  🙂  I found the fleece on the bumwear diapers thicker than the other ones, making for a bulkier diaper.  But I so love their microfiber inserts!  They are THIRSTY!  Also Rita is a lovely person to buy from and this brand is LOCAL.  So worth supporting.  🙂

Diaper 5

Daniel in the green turtle pocket diaper from Bumwear

Knickernappies – is my ultimate first choice when I reach for a diaper.  It is so neat with its side-snaps, so trim in design and the chocolate one we have is just too cute.  If you want to get it, go for the Loopy-do insert instead.  It is well worth the money to upgrade to because the others don’t hold as much.  Or stuff it with a Bumwear insert and you’re good to go too!

Diaper 3

The Chocolate Knickernappies Pocket Diaper

Fuzzi Bunz – is also nice and trim in design, and is very thin all round.  Again, the insert doesn’t do much (or maybe because Daniel does too much :)), so I’ve given up on it and use the Bumwear insert instead.  This makes it less slim and trim than if you used their insert, but it works better for us.

BumGenius organic all-in-one – I really wanted to like this diaper.  It has top reiews on  It has an excellent shape, is SUPER easy to use (Alethea uses this one when she changes Daniel) because of the velcro tabs and because it is an all-in-one diaper, there is no stuffing beforehand.  My only problem with this is that it doesn’t have a layer of fleece like the pocket diapers do, so Daniel stays wet after a pee, unlike the pocket diapers which remain dry because of the fleece.  So I feel I have to change him after just one wetting, while I let him go twice (or three times if we’re out) in the others before I change it.

Diaper 4

The BumGenius Organic All-in-one

Mother’s Touch – this is another nice fitting pocket diaper with velcro.  The velcro tabs are LARGE, unlike the BumGenius, which makes it harder for Alethea to position.  But we got this one in a cow print.  So who’s complaining!  😀

Diaper 1

Mother’s Touch pocket diaper in Moo

And here’s a “cloud” Toadies diaper I got off Barbara G., my teacher and guide in this new world of cloth-diapering!

Diaper 6

So how did CD-ing change EC-ing?  I love seeing Daniel in his cloth diapers so much that I let him pee in them just so that I can have him change to a different one every few hours!  LOL!  This way I have been able to justify having to buy more too!  *grin*

I have been EC-ing and CD-ing with a sense of desperation.  What if Daniel is our last baby?  I have to do it all NOW!  😀

TC is going to the US soon and I’m eyeing the super cute embroidered ones at!  Watch out world!  🙂



  1. Certainly a very super-busy activity to keep up with!

  2. Hi Angie,

    Nice article and good to hear you are doing well with pottying! Lulu is a good advocate and has a helpful website.

    Here are some other links in case anyone wants to read more: (intro in 11 languages including Mandarin Chinese)

  3. I don’t care much about the reviews on the cloth diapers but the baby model is super cute. Our family’s favourite is the half naked pose. Ha!
    Chris mentioned that we should meet up soon before Daniel starts walking. 🙂

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics 🙂 Here I thought to congratulate you on succcessful EC-ing, haha. BUt it’s a lot more fun to see all the cool prints on their bums! Daniel is TOO cute in the cow pic.

  5. So cute!!! Love the first pic of Daniel & his dimples. I’m going to get Elijah cloth diapers too.

  6. Haha! You could almost have convinced me that you were going to add a line of cloth diapers to the Home Library with all that write-up and super-duper cute model!!! 🙂

  7. Haha, the Moo diaper so cute !

    U are going to be a diaper collector soon… soon…

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