Posted by: angiefm | July 28, 2009

Mid-Year English Exams

Alethea and Tim just finished their mid-year English exam (I know, we’re a little late.  Shhhh ….)  We downloaded our papers from

 Exam Hall

In the Exam Hall

Here are some memorable moments …

When I marked the paper and apologetically told Tim I was going to have to take a mark off because one of his comprehension questions wasn’t answered in a complete sentence, he replied, very upbeat, “Sure Mom.  Anyway, if I was in school, they would take away a mark right?”  (I was apologetic because I had not told him the right way to answer the questions, so I should have been the one losing the mark!)

Alethea completed a 1 hour 35 min paper in under 45 mins.  She had one mistake and actually asked to do another paper to see if she could do better!

And … Sigh … the Modified Cloze passage in the English paper Alethea did (name of school withheld to protect the not-so-innocent) read as follows:

“School is a fun place for me.  I have fun learning my lessons and playing with my friends.  I am seldom absent from school unless I am ill.  All the teachers are very caring.  They explain carefully what we do not understand.  Sometimes they even give us extra lessons after school.  My friends and I work hard to do well in our examinations so that we will not let our teachers down.  We even help each other to revise our work during recess.”

Needless to say we were not moved.  Ha ha ha.  🙂 

And interestingly enough, Alethea’s answer in the last blank was “studies” instead of “examinations” (model answer), which I thought was actually a better answer.  “Examinations” is a little myopic right?  *grin* 

Also, she was offended that the passage said the purpose of the doing well was so teachers wouldn’t be let down.  She said we should be doing well to please God!  😀

Ah … the joys of homeschooling.  🙂


Invigilator in training


  1. Hehehe….I took away marks for poor handwriting too…

    One thing about comprehension tests, I know in school we expect our kids to answer in complete sentences, but what’s wrong with not doing so when they “comprehend” the passage and provide the questions with “short-n-sweet” answers? What’s the main idea of a comprehension test, I wonder?

  2. Hi Angie

    Found out from the latest MOE guidelines that you do not need to paraphrase the question when you answer… for eg.

    (1) What did Tim do during recess today?
    Correct Ans: Tim had a bowl of noodles.

    Incorrect Ans: Tim had a bowl of noodles during recess today.

    Hope my source is reliable.


  3. I think your biggest satisfaction has to come from what Alethea said about the goal of studying, much more than how well she did for the paper! 🙂 I was so moved myself.

    What’s that little gadget baby Daniel is holding? What functions does it have?

    • Hi Shanshan,

      That’s our trusty timer! Bought from Phoon Huat the baking supplies shop. Can run two countdown times at the same time. Also has survived all knocks my kids have dealt it. All our other timers “kaput” already! Ha ha ha. Quite expensive – like close to 20 bucks. But so worth it!

  4. And Aaron had no idea what recess is! Lol!

    • That is funny, Serene! Whenever we did mock tests using downloaded papers, I also had to explain “canteen” and “recess” 🙂

  5. Er, S$2 digital timers from Daiso cannot, ah? Mine still running leh.

    As for comprehension, yes, the short-&-sweet is the way it should be done. No cumbersome answers welcome.

    As for that cloze passage, I think “studies” is correct too. If I were you, I’d have marked that correct. I don’t think much of the answers given as “model” in the papers. I wonder who wrote the answers, bc it doesn’t quite say on misskoh, the qualifications of the “model answer” provider?

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