Posted by: angiefm | June 13, 2009

Daniel Turns One Month!


How time doth fly when you’re having fun!  *grin* 

Okay, I exaggerate.  It hasn’t been a walk in the park the last month.  Daniel is one fussy baby!  There is only one thing which will pacify him.  It starts with B and is filled with milk but isn’t “BOTTLE”.  Okay.  There are TWO things.  *wink*  😀

 Daniel 8

But when he is satisfied and wakeful, he’s starting to be smiley and interactive and his siblings are really enjoying him.  Especially his sisters. 

Alethea is a FABULOUS HELP around here.  She carries him like a pro as she walks about the house using her “bouncy walk”.  Because of her I am able to go pee when I have to!  Because when Daniel isn’t sleeping or nursing, he was screaming his head off until recently when he has learnt to be quiet … for a while.

Daniel 11

Nathalie starts every day by giving her brother 5 kisses – on the forehead, nose, each cheek and chin, then she patiently waits for him to finish his bath so that she can carry him.  And she’s a real natural too!

Daniel 12

Tim tries to carry him, but complains he squirms too much … “like a worm”.

Daniel 13 

And Mummy?  Well, I had a recurrence of that pain in my back/leg again and went back to see the osteopath who sent me for some x-rays.  Good news is there are no fractures (that was a possibility).  Bad news is my bone density is poor and the lower vertebrae are closer together than they should be, which is causing the bones to rub against each other.  Thus the inflammation and the pain!  Oh … and it could also be because I walked the lengths of both Terminals 2 AND 3 … TWICE last week.  While out with all 4 kids.  *sheepish grin*  I will remember to cross that activity off my “to do” list.  😀

So I haven’t been able to do very much on the computer because all the time that I do get to spend here is spent managing the Home Library.  Hmmm …. Maybe I SHOULD have closed it for a while.  Ah well … live and learn!  🙂

I do hope to get back to blogging soon, because I have a TON of stuff to update my very good readers about regarding things at The Domus Academy.  Till then! 



  1. Your daughter v helpful! NONE of my kids can be trusted with the baby. My 15-year-old daughter says baby “very heavy”, cannot handle! And the other 2 look like they would drop the baby anytime, looking so unco-ordinated. So *sigh* useless kids I have. And baby would scream blue murder if DH tries to carry.

  2. Have been waiting for more updates on your blog and so it was very nice to see how it is with the kids and baby Daniel. They sure look like they are enjoying him!

  3. grin….didn’t want to bug with email ‘cos I figured that you’d be real busy :)…so it was good to finally hear something on the blog :). Really glad that the kids are enjoying Daniel and he looks just like Tim in that picture of him smiling!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to get back in Oct and get to carry him myself!! 🙂 Stay well…and I’ll be praying for that back of yours. 🙂

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