Posted by: angiefm | May 18, 2009

Jaundice Update


Alethea took this photo of her baby brother
under the blue light of the PEP Bed.

The PEP Bed lady just came by to collect the bed.  We clocked 26.4 hours under the light, which was no mean feat!  🙂  And we did not have to torture him … not much anyway.  Only kept him in there while asleep or awake but not freting. 

Also, Daddy found a new way to pacify him – by rubbing and stroking his head while he was lying on his back!  Even managed to lull him to sleep a couple of times. 

Daniel looks decidedly UN-jaundiced now.  Thank you all for your prayers for him.  And for me!

If any of you ever have to have your babies treated for jaundice in the future, I HIGHLY recommend this home therapy system over hospitalisation.  Here are the contact details if you ever need it:

Quinnie Seetoh
Green Pasture Pte Ltd
Tel: 63052565, , 63052583, 96485578

48 hour rental of the unit cost us 405 inclusive of delivery and pick up charges.


  1. Congratulations! God is great. He made everything beautiful in His time. Daniel’s arrival is special. TC is really steady and is focused at the time of Daniel’s birth. Take care and enjoy being pampered in your confinement month.

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