Posted by: angiefm | May 16, 2009

Delayed By Jaundice

I know I promised to post our birth story, and though I’ve told it countless times to people who have visited or called, getting it down in a blog post is proving more difficult than I first anticipated.

And now we have had the added complication of treating Daniel for jaundice.  Fortunately in this day and age, we have been able to do this at home using a PEP Bed, and have thus avoided the traumatic re-admission into hospital which I know so many parents before us have had to do. 

But it has nevertheless been traumatic for me, this being the first time any of our children has had to be treated for jaundice.

So please keep us in prayer especially over the next 48 hours as we try to get him under the light for 30 hours or more.


  1. Hi, Angie, Serene told me Daniel’s bili level is around 260? That’s about 15 mg/dL (~260 µmol/L). With the PEP, it should go down fairly quickly. Our Daniel(no.2) had 15.8 level. Same for our Jacob(no.4). In 1997, at that level, Daniel was recommended phototherapy, just heel-prick blood tests to monitor every week to check if it’s on the downtrend. It took 4 weeks to go down to bili level 4. But I think with the availability of hometherapy kits these days, the docs go on the aggressive stance and with Jacob last yr, the doc (EK Ong) recommended the PEP bed. Within 2 days, it went down to 13 or 12 (can’t rmbr) and doc nv even monitored after that. So keep on the breastfeeding to keep him poo’ing to get all that extra bilirubin out of his system! Chin Up!

  2. Congratulation! Will keep baby Daniel, you and family in prayers.

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