Posted by: angiefm | April 29, 2009

Slowing Down … BIG Time

The last two weeks have been tough.  I have been experiencing all-day-long contractions (not the real thing, but tiring nevertheless) which has left my back tired and my shoulders tense.  Recently I figured out (I’m a slow learner) that if I lie down, the contractions slow down.  So I’ve been lying down quite a bit.  And you can guess what happens next … lethargy sets in and all I want to do is to nap!

So our day goes something like this now – kids wake – mummy struggles out of bed past 9 *shame* – breakfast – Bible reading – kids get down to seat work (copywork, Chinese, Math) – mummy does work on the computer – mummy needs to lie down – mummy resists urge till after lunch – lunch – mummy crashes for 2 hours – wakes but refuses to get out of bed – calls children into room to do some reading – reads one book – gets breathless – stops reading – children do their own thing in the room (very cute) …

So we haven’t done much of our reading at all in the past few weeks!  And I very bravely scheduled school right up till baby’s due date before scheduling 6 weeks off!  Looks like I’ll have to tweak the schedule a little and start school earlier than expected. 

BUT … hubby is very supportive of our slowed-down lifestyle.  The other day Alethea helped our maid prepare dinner, while Tim and Nat took out their lap harps on their own to play on.  They have been getting up to some really interesting things now that they have free time all afternoon – independent crafts, drawing, role-playing, making things out of the many empty boxes we have lying around from all our book shipments, etc. 

Because truth be told … if left unhindered, children DO learn lots on their own.  And their learning is so precious when self-initiated.  So I’m not stressing about any of this.  Instead, we have bought a few more of our readings on audio CD (we are currently listening to Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, right after we finished At the Back of the North Wind) and are listening to them during our car rides.  Fabulous stuff!

So the next time you feel bad that you aren’t doing much with your kids, take a deep breath and remember that you cannot stop a child from learning.  In fact, boredom is a great thing for inspiring creativity!


  1. I agree with you that when the kids are left unhindered, they do lots of things on their own. I’ve experienced that with my own kids and I find that a real treasure!

  2. dear angie,

    this is quite unrelated to your posts . Just wanted to let you know how much i enjoy and love reading and pouring over your websites .

    and also that i still owe you a cheque for the A month with Charlotte Mason ! have been meaning to send it to you with something for number 4 but i couldn’t make up my mind what to send etc etc…ugh.

    anyway … well wishes to you and baby 4 see you real soon on this website !

    blessings and warm wishes from our household,
    adeline yang

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