Posted by: angiefm | April 7, 2009

A Month with Charlotte Mason

This post serves in part to explain the LONG silence on this blog.  Apologies to all and thanks to those who emailed or sms-ed to find out if I was doing okay since they hadn’t heard from me in such a long time.

The Singapore Homeschool Group held its annual Curriculum Fair on the 25th of March.  For the 4th year running, I brought the “stuff” which we use in our homeschool to display/share at the fair.  In past years, I have always been armed with 2 to 4 large boxes of books and other homeschool resources because when you school in Charlotte Mason fashion, you do so with lots of living books instead of a few textbooks.

Well, this year, what with the pain in my leg and my bulging belly (I’m about 5 weeks away if anyone’s counting down :)), I wasn’t about to bring that much.  So I thought long and hard about what I SHOULD bring given the great variety of materials we use in our own homeschool … and ended up spending all my computer time over more than a week preparing what I have titled “A Month with Charlotte Mason”.

What is it?: a 100+ page spiral-bound book with reading selections for science, history, literature (including poetry, Shakespeare, short stories), 4 full-page full-colour reproductions of paintings by Leonardo da Vinci for picture study, suggestions for copywork and a collection of timeline pages and figures by Homeschool in the Woods reproduced with permission.  Also includes a 4-week schedule which organises all the readings and activities.

Who may be interested?:  Anyone with Primary School aged children who has heard about the Charlotte Mason method and wants to try it out but doesn’t know where to start or wants to know what it looks like practically.  For homeschoolers who might use a packaged textbook curriculum but want to find good reading material.  Also for non-homeschoolers who want something different to do during a school break or as a departure from the usual after-school homework.

How much is it?:  I am pricing it at a low “introductory price” 😀 of S$20 to cover the cost of printing/paper/binding, etc.

Will there be further editions?:  Well, it depends on how popular this first one is!  🙂

So that’s a bit of what I’ve been up to during this long silence.



  1. way to go sista! I don’t do Cm but if I did and/or if I ever was bored and looking for alternatives, I’d definitely get it! 🙂

  2. hi angie !

    I’m not a homeschooler but yes i am keen on your book a month with Charlotte mason …

    are they sold out already : )

    adeline yang

  3. Hello Angie,

    I’m a friend of your cousin, Ling. We met briefly at her wedding in Seattle, but that was more than 10 years ago! Ling shared your Home Library website with me and I have been popping by your blog every now and again. Thank you for taking time to share all this info. You have been an encouragement to me in your journey as a homeschooling mom, particularly in how you chose to step out in obedience to take on the role God has called you to.

    I’m interested in the “A month with Charlotte Mason” book you have put together. I know you mentioned that it is suitable for primary school aged children. Do you think parts of the material could be used for a 5 yr old pre-schooler (I have a 5 yr old and a 2 yr old)? Also, are your books (& other items available on your home lib site) available for pickup, or do you mail / deliver?

    Thank you again!


  4. Hi
    Would love to get a copy “a month wtih charlotte mason”? Possible to go be post?

  5. Do you still have a copy of a month with Charlotte Mason available?

  6. […] Last year, I put together a collection of stories, biographies, pictures, copywork selections, etc and blogged about it here: […]

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