Posted by: angiefm | March 17, 2009

Raising Godly Tomatoes

We have been given distribution rights for Raising Godly Tomatoes in Singapore!  😀


The retail price of the book is 22.95 US, but that works out to a whopping 39 Sing dollars for a paperback book.  Since we have personally benefitted from this book (even though we do NOT spank), we have decided to sell it at a greatly discounted price of S$25.40.

You can read more about it here and buy it from The Home Library here.

If you go to, you can read reviews of the book.  I stress again that we do NOT spank but have still found the book invaluable.  So read the critical reviews with that in mind.  I suspect the people who wrote them didn’t even bother reading the book before they posted their reviews.


  1. Hi Angie,
    It was so nice meeting you and your kids this afternoon.
    Can’t agree more with what you said in your previous post regarding first time obedience. Now you got my curiosity piqued with this book. Can I get a copy of “raising godly tomatoes” from you?
    Can I include the cost into the amount that I’ll be sending you in the form of a cheque?

  2. Hi Angie, do you still have a copy of the book “raising godly tomatoes”? I would like to buy a copy. Can’t seem to find it in Singapore. Thank u 🙂

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