Posted by: angiefm | March 17, 2009

Parenting One – A New Experience

I have never been a stay-home mom to a single child.  By the time I quit my job at Microsoft to be home with my kids, I already had 3 children!  They were aged 4, 2 and newborn then. 

So I have never been very empathetic to people who have only one child, because I have never experienced what it is like to be home full-time with only one child.

But after 3 days without Alethea and Timothy at home (they are off at a Sunday School Camp). I have been humbled by the experience of parenting just ONE. 

Boy is it tough! 

I feel so bad leaving Nathalie to do her own thing (though she is more than capable of entertaining herself).  I just feel like when she’s alone, she’s being neglected!  When she asks to watch a bit of TV when I’m having a shower in the evening, I readily agree (why she always chooses to watch Channel News Asia is beyond me though). 

And even as I type this on a Tuesday morning, she is upstairs watching a DORA VCD!!  HORROR OF HORRORS!  Our TV rule is once a week on Friday nights when they watch a Disney movie.  But I had a bit of work to do and emails to answer and she asked if she could watch something while waiting for me to finish … and I had no heart to say no!

And I have been busying myself planning things for her to do – crafts (not my forte), reading (right up my alley), story-telling (she tells, I listen).  I even had to bring new CDs into the car for her to listen to on our car rides to visit Che Che and Kor Kor every day at church (yes, I can’t let go) because the CDs in the car are mainly audio books for the older ones. 

So … I will be cautious the next time I tell others about how it is SO EASY staying home.  Looks like it only works for me when they are all home!



  1. I so agree! I clearly remember every day with my first child going ever so slowly… it was so boring! And recently I had only my eldest and the baby, she had no one to play with, i ended up making her WORK all day with school work and house work and of course as you mentioned, there was extra TV. I was glad to have mei mei back at night 🙂 more children are a joy right?

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