Posted by: angiefm | March 17, 2009

In Retrospect – This and That

It’s amazing how short my memory is these days.  With great effort, I can only hold a thought long enough to tell Tee Chiou about it when he gets home in the evening.

So before it ALL gets purged from my shrinking brain, I just had to blog about some incidents in the last few weeks when I was stuck in bed and unable to compose my weekly “In Retrospect” posts.


She has suddenly taken to writing.  Her own way.  A couple of weeks ago, she wrote “WUNS THE WOS A DOG” which she read as “Once there was a dog” and explained that it was an introduction to her story about a dog eating breakfast (which she spelt as BRECFAST).  :p

One evening when we were walking to our car after church, Tee Chiou was walking with Timothy, Alethea was holding hands with Nathalie and I was behind.  Nathalie turned to me and said, “Daddy has a partner (Tim), Che Che has a partner (Nat) and Mummy has a partner (baby in womb).  So we are an even number!”  It was from something she had learnt from the Critical Thinking Co. books she’s been working on.  It was so satisfying to see the concept come alive!  🙂


 Tim is Mr. Enthusiasm in this family.  He puts in 110% into anything he embarks on.  (If I said he was just like me would that come across as boasting?  *grin*)

Recently he decided he wanted to start writing Chinese words.  Now, Tee Chiou had had no intention on starting him so soon even though he’s already in Primary 1 (don’t ask me why.  He’s the boss!).  But given Tim’s great interest, he took out one of those Popular Bookshop exercise books and wrote a few words in there for him to start on. 

And Tim’s going at it like there’s no tomorrow!  He write, corrects, asks for comments, writes some more.  He’s really on a roll!  So maybe the BOSS really knew something when he decided to hold him back a little longer.  🙂  Because there’s no stopping him now!


Last year we left off working from the Chinese textbooks in favour of reading good Chinese books and raising Alethea’s interest in the language.  That done, we are going through both the Primary 2 and Primary 3 books this year.  When a well-meaning relative saw that Alethea was working from a Primary 2 workbook (when she’s supposed to be in Primary 3), she must have made some comments about it to her.  I wasn’t there. 

When Alethea came home that evening, she reported, “She wasn’t impressed with my reading, but she was SCANDALISED by my doing Primary 2 work.”

Well I don’t know about her Chinese, but her English sure is powerful!  😀  Ha ha ha.


  1. 🙂 I love hearing about the children. I do so miss them! I had a good laugh with Alethea’s “scandalised”….totally agree – her English is “welly powderful”! 🙂 Send them my love…

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