Posted by: angiefm | March 10, 2009

A short “advertisement” for this awesome website.  Most of you (if you homeschool) probably already know about it, but still worth posting for those who don’t.  They sell downloadable curriculum AND (here’s the best part), every week, they have a FREEBIE!

This week it is something from Math Mammoth, which I have heard much about but never thought to check out.  This week you can download their 50-page book on Clocks, which is so timely (no puns intended) for us since Tim has such great difficulty telling time that it has become a bit of a standing joke in this family.  🙂  Have printed it out to try. 



  1. Tks Angie! For some reason, I actually have an account but can’t remember ever having visited! Now that you point it out, it’s looking really neat. Tks for the reminder!!

  2. Hi Angie, thank you for sharing so much. I am having so much inspiration just by reading the details of how your homeschool your children. I have a 2yr old girl and my hubby and I are praying about homeschooling her during her kindergarten years only. Even so, I am wondering if I will be able to not ‘short change’ her. But I am really encouraged after seeing reading what you wrote. Thank you!

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