Posted by: angiefm | February 27, 2009

Explaining the LONG Silence

I think the uncharacteristic 10-day lapse from post to post needs some explaining.  So here goes …

On the 15th, we went swimming and I must have done something wrong or different because sometime that night or the next day, I started feeling a pain in my … er … right buttock (is that okay to say?)  🙂

Being the stubborn person I am (confession, confession) I didn’t do anything about it but continued with the usual daily activities.  By Thursday the pain was starting to run down the side of my leg, and I wanted to rest but life just had to go on with going to the wet market, the children’s gym classes, grocery shopping etc.  By Friday it was BAD.  So I spent most of the day in bed and finally went to the doctor’s at night.  He diagnosed it as a muscle pull and prescribed muscle relaxants and pain killers. 

I couldn’t stand, sit, sit on the toilet bowl, and even finding a pain-free position to lie in took some effort.

In the meantime, good friend, fellow homeschooler and blogger Serene was nagging me to see a chiropractor because she suspected from my description of it that it was a nerve, not muscle. 

To cut a very long story short, 11 days after it all started, and having spent 6 FULL days in bed, I finally went to an osteopath yesterday.  Skeptically of course.  😀

But WOW!  What a relief!  After pulling, pushing, straightening, bending, etc for an hour, I could actually walk normally!  Of course it is still sore and all, but no more shooting pain!  Praise the Lord!  Now just have to be extra careful about how I move about so as not to aggravate it. 

Side-effects – after a whole week in bed, I have experienced a number of wonderful side effects. 

First the love and concern of friends and total strangers.  Friends and family have been calling, texting, emailing to ask how things are.  When I told some customers that I wasn’t able to deliver their books on schedule, they were all more than accomodating, asking me to take even more time than I asked for! 

Second, the aches and pains in my back which have been bothering me since I became pregnant with #4 have subsided!  All I needed was some really good rest.

Third, I have had time to refocus on habit training with my children (look out for post on this), especially in the area of first time obedience, since I had no energy or inclination to repeat my instructions to them.

I have also learnt that swimming isn’t as safe for pregnant women as normally assumed.  Especially if you have multiple children, and your pelvic area has become “loose” (terrible thought eh?), it is actually not such a good idea to be doing that frog-style with the legs.

So … I hope that explains why The Domus Academy blog has been quiet for so long!  I hope to resume regular programming in the next few days.

And yes, Serene was right.  It was an inflammed nerve.  🙂  If you are interested seeking osteopathic care, especially if you are pregnant, I highly recommend:

Dr. Eufemio Lopez Rodriguez
Osteopathic Medicine and Rehabilitation Pte Ltd
Bukit Timah Plaza, #B1-12/14
Tel: 63367110


  1. Hi!! Did you try the back book I recommended? must lah, yours with the butt and leg pain sounds like typical sciatica (nerve pain from back, which was what I had). If you’re not careful, can return. Try the book!!

    • [THE BOOK: Back RX by Vijay Vad] Yes I did! Worked as long as I was doing it, though I didn’t have enough space on the bed to do a “sun salutation”. 🙂 Thinking about the name of that stretch did give me a good chuckle though, so that helped. *grin* Also there was one exercise where I needed to lie on my tummy which of course in my present state I couldn’t (ha ha ha), so I happily stopped there. So lazy right? But after this terrible bout, I will definitely be more diligent! You should see me doing the exercises the osteopath taught me. Like there was no tomorrow man! 😀

  2. Ouch, sounds excruciating. Good to know you’re all better now. No more Katak-style swimming till after baby arrives then.

  3. of course I am right lah! you don’t get pregnant 8 times and not learn a thing or two you know? 🙂 Besides as my dh says – Serene where got wrong one. Hehe!

  4. Glad the osteo worked! Knowing you, you must have been chewing at the bit to get going again, aiyo, 6 days in bed …

  5. I’m glad you got that sorted out! I must say I’m also experiencing more aches in this pregnancy. Maybe due to age, or maybe you just get looser with each pregnancy.. anyway, just about 10 weeks more, right? 🙂

  6. Hi Angie

    Am glad that you can sit up and type this…

    Take care,

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