Posted by: angiefm | February 2, 2009

In Retrospect – Week of 26th Jan 09


We were all happy to wake up to a break week.  🙂  Of course with Chinese New Year and all the run-up-to dinners which for us started on the eve of the eve made it a busy break, but a break nonetheless!

And because it was a break week, we had some families come over (10 to be exact) to visit The Home Library Offline between Wednesday to Sunday.

But it wasn’t as relaxing as I had hoped it would be.  I found the children were getting into each other’s hair more than on a regular school day.  Which was probably a good thing, because we have always believed that leisure and personal time were important for our children to learn to “know themselves”.

So there was a bit of arbitration to do on and off, but it was all good.   🙂  I don’t know about you, but when my children come out of a conflict learning something and becoming a better sibling/child/friend, I always think it is all worthwhile. 

Let me give you an example.  During our reunion dinner, Timothy told one of my aunts that Che Che (that’s Alethea) doesn’t play with him.  I was very upset to hear it.  “Of course she does!” I responded angrily.  How DARE he say such a thing!

Then I paused and thought about it.  To be honest, he was RIGHT!  Alethea isn’t the playing sort.  She ORGANISES play, she ORCHESTRATES play but she doesn’t PLAY!  She’s 8 going on 16 you see.  So I took Tim aside and told him that he shouldn’t have said what he did and that even if it WERE true, there was no reason to broadcast it to an aunt we see once a year.  I also told him to think before he spoke and not to make disparaging comments about members of his immediate family.

Then I took Alethea aside and told her what Tim had said.  I told her that it wasn’t called for and that I had already told him so.  But I added that if she really thought about it, there WAS an element of truth in what he said.

She obviously took it to heart, because the next moment, she was taking Tim on a piggyback ride around my brother’s house!  😀  And that was SO NICE to see. 


Here’s wishing your family a very Blessed Lunar New Year!


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