Posted by: angiefm | February 2, 2009

Math Assessment Books

Yesterday, a friend at Church passed me a list of recommended math assessment books which was given to her Primary 4-aged son by his school Math teacher.  Thought it would be good to share on this blog. 

[Which Church: I have been attending the Bethesda (Katong) Church all my life]

Here are some notes first as to what low/middle/high ability means:

  • High ability – 80 marks and above
  • Middle ability – 60 to 79 marks
  • Lower ability – 59 marks and below

math-11How to Improve Your Mathematics by Andrew Er (EPH Pte Ltd)

  • Recommended for middle ability pupils
  • Topical revision.  All areas (word problems + non-word problems)
  • Answers but no detailed solutions

math-31Step by Step Math, Casco

  • Recommended for middle ability pupils
  • Graded examples
  • Bonus challenging problems
  • Answers with detailed solutions

math-4Problem Solving Processes in Mathematics by Fabian Ng (EPH Pte Ltd)

  • A good companion for pupils who have no one to coach them at home and are capable of doing independent learning
  • Word problems only.  Topical, similar question-type grouped
  • Examples and solutions of each skill type given, followed by 4 – 5 parallel questions set based on the same skill type.

math-5Must Know Maths Problem Sums by Yee Fook Shiong

  • Highly recommended for pupils to help lay a strong foundation in Math word problems for higher learning
  • Word problems only
  • Detailed solutions
  • 2 – 3 parallel questions are arranged one after another.  By gaining familiarity in such problem-solving skills, pupils will develop confidence and competence in problem solving

math-2i-Excel, Heuristic and Model Approach by Li Fanglan (this is part of the FAN Math series I wrote about in the piece on how we teach math)

  • Recommended for high and middle ability pupils
  • Word problems only
  • By heuristic and model.  (It helps to lay a good foundation for PSLE)
  • Systematic step-by-step worked examples and detailed solutions

Andrew Er’s Math Worksheets

  • Recommended for high ability pupils
  • Revision problems at 3 levels of difficulty
  • Challenging problems included
  • Answers with detailed solutions

math-6Challenging 4 in 1 Math by Dawn Tai (EPH)

  • Recommended for high ability pupils
  • A good resource for Higher Order Thinking Questions

New Syllabus Math by Andrew Er

  • Recommended for lower ability pupils
  • Topical approach
  • Work solutions provided


  1. Hiya!

    I hyperventilate whenever I go to Popular Bookstore 😛 I haaate looking at the assessment books but succumbed as only a Singaporean must. Funny, Maryam actually likes Andrew Er!

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