Posted by: angiefm | January 6, 2009

Daily Schedule 2009

This is the answer to one of the most oft asked questions … “What do you do everyday?”  Also phrased as “how do you do it all?”, “how do you teach all three?”, etc.

This year we are going to be more structured than we have ever been.  In part this is because we now have two Primary Schoolers (Alethea in P3, Timothy in P1), and also because I want to get our days running smoothly before Baby #4 makes his/her appearance in mid-May.

A dear friend also suggested that I add a note to say that I have a live-in helper, who does all the “house” stuff.  This enables me to do all the “other” stuff.  So I’m no superwoman.  🙂  I don’t cook and I don’t clean.  I seem to always be packing because we have more than 6000 books in one house, but that’s a separate job description.

So here’s our daily plan (some variations when we go out for gym class or when the Chinese teacher comes over, etc, but generally accurate).

9.00 – Kids wake, Chores (make beds, wash dishes, wipe table), Breakfast

10.00 – Bible, Scripture Memory, Hymns

10.30 – Copywork (4 days) or Journaling (Friday), Root Words (Monday)

11.00 – Chinese Copywork

11.30 – Chinese Textbook (alternate days with help from the iFlashbook), Chinese Reading (other days, book assigned by Daddy and Chinese Laoshi)

12.00 – Math (Right Start Math, Local Math (Shaping Maths, FAN Maths), Living Math Books

12.30 – History, Church History, Geography Readings

1.00 – Lunch

1.30 – Picture Studies (Monday), Composer Studies (Friday), History Timeline (other days)

2.00 – Recitation (reading aloud to Mom), Thinking Skills (Building Thinking Skills, Logic Links)

3.00 – QUIET HOUR (everybody does their own thing for an hour.  Usually reading in this house)

4.00 – Science Readings (living science books, biographies)

4.30 – Science Curriculum (Apologia Zoology 1, Local Science using My Pals Are Here for Primary 3/4) or Nature Walk (Fridays)

5.30 – Play or Swim

6.30 – Piano or Lapharp (we bought ours from  Very nice

7.00 – Dinner

7.30 – After dinner chores and baths

8.00 – Literature Readings (Mom’s read-aloud time)

9.00 – Bedtime with Daddy

9.30 – To Each His/Her Own Reading Time

10.00 – Lights Out!  (I wish!)



  1. I just realised that you do waaay more school than we do! I got no stamina. Everything’s done by lunch. My batteries only last that long. Haha!

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