Posted by: angiefm | January 6, 2009

Angie Starts Blogging

Hi all, is LIVE!


I had wanted to save this announcement till we had a little more on the site, but since this is the start of a new year, a number of people have been asking us to share our plans and schedules for the new school year and I thought … ah well … now’s as good a time as any!


I have a few general articles up, and our plans for Singapore History for this year.  If you are keen to stay updated, you will find a little link on the right titled “SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL”.  If you follow that link, you will be informed whenever I add stuff to the site.  Current plan is one update a week, though I might go a little faster at the beginning while I outline all our various plans for the year.  


There will be updates from The Home Library – new books, new resources, what we’re reading, booklists for various ages, etc.


There will also be updates from The Domus Academy (that’s what we’re calling our homeschool) – going “Charlotte Mason” in Singapore, subject/lesson plans for our three kids (ages 9, 7 and 5 in 2009), what each child is up to, schedules, etc.


There will also be the odd topic of passion.  I seem to have a good number of these.  *grin*


Hope to “see” you all at our home on the web!





  1. Hey Angie

    It’s so good to “see” you here after all these years! (via Adeline). I’m so impressed to see that you’ve managed to build such a coherent framework for homeschooling – no way I have your determination and patience (I would have 2 dead kids on my hands by now). Do keep in touch ya? My blog on kids


  2. HI!!!!!!

    Welcome to the blogging world! I love what you are doing – I’m not nearly as disciplined though!! Love Charlotte Mason to bits but also have the hippie in me as well. Will keep dropping by!

  3. Found your site through Adeline’s blog. And have also heard of you from my friend Irene who homeschools her girls, she’s bought lovely books for my boys from your library. You’re doing such a jaw-droppingly amazing job at homeschooling! Truly inspirational.

    • Hi Lilian, I only just figured out how to respond to comments! Ha ha. Techo-zero that I am! Thanks for the encouragement! Am glad to be inspirational to some. 🙂 Is Irene the Irene who is expecting baby #5? I feel that homeschooling is something I really was made for. Like finding my calling in life. It’s great when you find your calling, yah?

  4. Hi Angie, haha, for a techo-zero-ite, your blog is pretty impressive! Yes, that’s the Irene I’m talking about, who WAS expecting baby #5 and that baby is now 2-month old Luke! 🙂

    Can definitely tell that you were made for homeschooling cos you are just so wonderful at it. I think all your readers wish they could just plonk their kids in your house! I definitely do.

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