Posted by: angiefm | January 4, 2009

Our Student Body


The Domus Academy starts 2009 with 3 students:

Alethea Ng, born September 2000, will be in our Primary 3 class.  She is our school’s head prefect.

Timothy Ng, born September 2002, will be in our Primary 1 class.  He is our school monitor.

Nathalie Ng, born December 2004, will be in our K1 class.  She is our school mascot.  🙂

We understand from the Authorities that a new member will be joining the Student Body in mid-May 2009.  We look forward to welcoming him/her then.



  1. WOW!!!! Congratulations on your apparent ‘progress’ on your family addition. Hope all is going well and will look forward to hearing the news in May. I’m still getting all the Singaporehg emails so keep up to date with some of the going on’s…. guessing you’ll post your news there!
    Meanwhile, what’s your snail mail address? I’d like to mail a (late) xmas card, since it’s a picture of the kids….perhaps will help your kids remember ours…. (can also check our website at whenever you get a moment).


    Philipa, Holly, Toby and Lulu

  2. Hello to your kids… hopefully in 2009 we’ll get to meet up with you a few times. My kids love Pasir Ris Park and are requesting to head out East at least once every month or so.

    Your schedule in the later post sounds very packed. We start studies at 9 and are usually finished by afternoon. But, you’ve given me some ideas of fun things to add in- and when to add them.

    oh… and you have to change the year date on one of your child, as they couldn’t have been born 4 days apart in 2000! 🙂


  3. dear Angie
    so happy to hear that you are expecting number 4 soon ..all the best with your journey ahead. I am still adjusting to life back here in indonesia 🙂


  4. this is so gonna sound ‘bimbotic’ but the student body look lovely in the bright tees!! *wink*

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