Posted by: angiefm | December 27, 2008

Why The Domus Academy?

While planning for our curriculum in 2009, I was toying with names for our homeschool.  I figured with 2 primary-aged children, we deserved to have a name.  😀

To cut a very long story short, we love the study of Greek and Latin root words, and so I started looking up a few.  After tossing a few options around, it was obvious only one would fit. 

DOMUS means HOME in Latin.  So the Home Academy.  How appropriate!  That’s what we do. 

The Domus Academy isn’t about a place of learning, a place in the home.  It is about a lifestyle of learning, centered around the home and more importantly around the people in that home – Daddy our fearless leader and principal, Mummy our teacher and mentor, Alethea our prefect and guardian, Timothy our spokesperson, and Nathalie our class clown.  And in May 09, God-willing, we will add another student to the Academy! 

It’s going to be a fantastic year!  Come join in the ride!

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